The 5 Ultimate Dreamforce Tips

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Over the past 3 weeks in the build up to dreamforce, readers of Salesforce Ben have been submitting Dreamforce tips in a bid to aid their fellow man, Certified On Demand licenses and also feature in a Dreamforce Magazine put together by Jenny over at Jenny’s Admin tips.  There have been some fantastic tips and for someone like me who is a first timer, they are seriously helpful to get ahead of the game and avoid those noob mistakes!

Jenny and I have gone over the tips and come up with our favourite 5. Let’s check them out!

5. Session Location

“The biggest tip I have is to think about the location of your sessions. There are over 5 major Hotels that hold the conferences, and moving from one to another can take around 10-15 mins on foot. Its a good idea to give yourself time in between your sessions to get to where you need to go. if you have any free time, there is always something going on in Moscone West. Last year they had code consultations that were very helpful, and also had a ‘make your own t-shirt’ section. Lastly, I wouldn’t suggest carrying a laptop with you during the day, and would go for carrying a tablet instead. There is a lot of walking and standing in lines. Pack very lite and if you’re thinking of bringing a backpack, they usually give out a free backpack when you pickup your badge.” – Shawn Brenneman

Ben – A great tip and definitely a trap people seem to fall for. Dreamforce is not set in a traditional conference hall but set over a section of San Francisco. If you are very excited for a particular session, plan carefully so as not to miss it!


4. Don’t be afraid!

“Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Introduce yourself to the people you are sitting next to at a session, keynote, pretty much anywhere on the Dreamforce campus. You never know when you’ll learn something new or solve a nagging problem you have back at the office, just simply by getting to know a fellow Dreamforce attendee. I know that sounds pretty simple, but a lot of people are introverts and don’t like large crowds. Even if that’s you, try your best to open up and at least say “Hi, I’m Eric, from Indiana, and this is my 5th Dreamforce” (Please be sure to use your real name and information, we don’t want too many of me running around San Francisco!)” – Eric Dreshfield 

Ben – Something that isn’t always the easiest thing to do for some people but just remember you have a lot in common with everyone going to Dreamforce! Fantastic Tip from MVP Eric, reminding that to get the most out of this event we need to sometimes go outside our comfort zone. 


3. Comfort

“Wear comfortable shoes/clothes. Let your body be free so your mind can be at 100%.” – David Jorjani

Ben – Something that I have heard of often about Dreamforce, but not as perfectly phrased as David has put it!  Unless you are in high powered executive meetings all day, you can probably let comfort slip ahead of looking the bees knees. 


2. Reflect on Dreamforce

“Take a day or two after Dreamforce, and explore the area… visit Alcatraz, Napa Valley, take a short road trip, anything… having reflective time after a such a stimulating experience may help you prioritize and tackle things back in the office, when things will surely be hectic.” – Samir Patel

Ben – Something that I am looking forward to doing the weekend after Dreamforce which is summed up very nicely by Samir. With something as epic as Dreamforce, time to reflect on what you have learned is something that is really needed.


1. Reduce Information Overload

“For first timers to take advantage of the massive number of sessions and reduce information overload focus on the sessions that define or compliment your role in using Salesforce.” – Thad Hubbard 

Ben – Thad has summed up a lot of advice I have heard in this one sweet sentence, especially for first timers. With over 1,500+ sessions at Dreamforce it’s easy to get a bit “Session Happy” and completely overbook yourself. You will find some of the best Salesforce presentations at Dreamforce so its especially important that you make sure you focus on the sessions that really count. 


Thank you to everyone that submitted tips and especially to the 5 winners above that have won themselves Certified On Demand licenses. Thad’s tip will also feature in a Dreamforce Magazine that is being put together by Jenny (I’ve had a sneak peak, its definitely something to look out for!). I hope you enjoyed this read and I will see everyone at Dreamforce!

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