Send Mass Emails in Salesforce Lightning

Did you know you can send mass emails out of Salesforce? Well you do now!

I know very few people that use this feature within Salesforce classic, presumably because there are various limits against it. But since the Winter ’18 release, Salesforce has brought this feature to Lightning, with a really slick interface and extra features.

Mass Emailing essentially allows you to send an email template (Complete with images, merge fields and attachments), to a list of contacts, person accounts or leads. To separate these two features, Salesforce has renamed “Mass Emails” to “List Emails”.

Sending a List Email

List emails can be sent from any list view you have created on the lead or contact object. If you wish to send emails to Person Accounts, you have to create a list view on the contact object.

1. Firstly create your desired list view, and direct yourself to the actions top left of the panel where you can see the “New” button. By clicking on the drop-down arrow, the List Email button should appear.

2. The simple, effective panel that pops up gives you everything you need to send an email template. Firstly type in the list view that you wish to send the mass email to.

3. You now either have a choice to compose your own email using the tools on the bottom right (Including adding merge fields to give that personalised touch) or select a previously made Email template.

4. After you have completed building or selecting your email template, you can hit the “Review” tab to preview your email.

5. The final step, just click send!


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6 thoughts on “Send Mass Emails in Salesforce Lightning

  1. Is there a way that you can do this to a campaign list? In the Classic mass email you could select a campaign – can you do this with Send a List Email?

  2. What about tracking emails after having them sent? By “tracking” I mean if they are opened or not, when, how many times, have the links inside emails been clicked, etc.

    1. Idaliz Gonzalez


      A tool like Pardot will have all the analytical information to track those emails and click tracking.

  3. Do you know of any way to reference another object’s record in the email template? For example, in Real Estate there will be a listing record with home images etc. Would like to send those to everyone in a specific contact list view list. Sending to all contacts is the easy part… trying to figure out how to add details from the listing….

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