Salesforce TrailblazerDX: Must-See Sessions

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TrailblazerDX, the event for admins, developers, architects, students, leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between is back on March 7-8 2023. The sessions have now been announced and are available to see here to start planning your agenda!

At the time of writing, there are 269 sessions listed, so I’ve put together my must-see sessions at this years event.

Not able to go to TrailblazerDX in person? Fear not as I’ve also compiled my top sessions for everyone, available on demand on Salesforce+.

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Top Sessions for Salesforce Admins

Admin’s Guide to Salesforce Genie

“Get a foundational understanding of Salesforce Genie and where you can build Genie best practices into your organization. Learn about use cases and how to apply your admin skills to leverage Genie.”

Salesforce Genie was announced at Dreamforce ’23, but many admins are unaware of how and when to use it. This session will demystify Salesforce Genie.

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Validation vs. Automation: The Battle of Data Quality Tools

“When managing data quality, how do you choose between using validation and automation? Join this hands-on session to practice with validation and automation scenarios.”

Validation and automation are the building blocks of a successful Salesforce org. Check out this session to learn when to use each!

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Automate This! Migrate Workflow Rules and Processes to Flow

“Got workflow rules and processes? Time to go with the flow. In this in-person Automate This! episode, a Salesforce admin evangelist and a Salesforce MVP share their approaches to migration success.”

We are all faced with migrating from Workflow Rules and Process Builder to Salesforce Flow. Now is the time to start preparing for an effective migration…

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Choose the Right Flow Trigger Architecture

“Explore best practices for choosing the right flow trigger architecture in your org. Learn when to use the rule-of-three approach or Flow Trigger Explorer.”

It’s very important to make sure your business has a Salesforce Flow Design Strategy when working with Record-Triggered Flows to ensure that maintenance, enhancements, and future troubleshooting isn’t a large task. Part of creating that strategy is understanding the rule-of-three and when to use multiple Flows.

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Discover the Future of User Management for Admins

“Join Salesforce Platform product managers to learn about new and upcoming features. They’ll dive into the future plans for permissions, user management, and more.”

Salesforce has officially announced that permissions on profiles have an end-of-life date. Retirement is due in the Spring ‘26 release, so there is still plenty of time to properly plan how you’re going to implement these changes. This session will be critical for admins wanting to stay ahead of the curve on user management.

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Top Sessions for Salesforce Developers

Apex Patterns and Best Practices in 2023

“Building enterprise-grade apps with Apex demands developers to understand enterprise patterns and best practices. Join us to learn how to write scalable, efficient, and secure Apex code.”

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Apex: What’s New and What’s Coming (Also available on Salesforce+)

“In this session, we take a deep dive into recently released and upcoming features on the Apex roadmap.”

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Understand Flows and Triggers

“We’re all about low code, no code. Understand the key differences between flows and triggers and which one to use, depending on the situation.”

As much as developers love code, they must also know when and how to use Flow Builder for automations!

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Unlock the Power of the Salesforce CLI

“Learn about the latest Salesforce CLI features and how they simplify your developer lifecycle.”

The Salesforce Command Line Interface (CLI) is a powerful, free, open-source tool from Salesforce, intended to help simplify and potentially automate tasks across the platform. Ultimately, the Salesforce CLI supports and speeds up the development process for both developers and admins.

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Write Better Code with Salesforce Code Analyzer

“Join us and discover how the free Salesforce Code Analyzer empowers all developers to write better, faster, and more secure Apex code. Learn how to run it interactively and as part of CI/CD.”

Top Sessions for Salesforce Architects

An Architect’s Guide to Cross-Cloud with Genie

“Learn the foundations of successful cross-cloud architecture across the Lightning Platform, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Genie from data mapping to integration to environment management.”

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Architect an Automated Salesforce Solution

“Get hands-on with Salesforce Well-Architected in this interactive workshop where you’ll design automations to meet key business goals and objectives at scale.”

Architect a Reliable Salesforce Solution

“Get hands-on with Salesforce Well-Architected in this interactive workshop where you’ll design a solution that operates efficiently and dependably in a variety of conditions.”

Architect a Secure Salesforce Solution

“Get hands-on with Salesforce Well-Architected in this interactive workshop where you’ll design a solution that protects your business, stakeholders, and data.”

Architect a Simple Salesforce Solution

“Get hands-on with Salesforce Well-Architected in this interactive workshop where you’ll redesign an overengineered solution to improve readability and maintainability.”

Sessions for Everyone: Available On-Demand

Can’t attend in person? Here are five awesome sessions that will be available on demand on Salesforce+!

TrailblazerDX Main Keynote

“Discover the latest product innovations across the Customer 360 Platform, including MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau, and how you can use them to drive success now at your company.”

Automation Keynote: Build Connected Experiences Fast with Salesforce Flow

“Learn how to create workflows that drive efficiency today. Hear from product leaders how to automate at any skill level, get an inside look at the roadmap, and discover Trailblazer best practices.”

Boost Your Security & Reliability with Governance by Design

“Learn how to infuse governance into every part of your organization, from development to deployment. Hear how Trailblazers manage security, privacy, and reliability while delivering success now.”

Build Your First App on Salesforce

“Learn to build your first Salesforce app. Discover how to build your data model, design security for your app, adjust the UX with declarative tools, and deploy to your users.”

Manage Releases with DevOps Center

“DevOps Center is here — now let’s learn to use it. In just 20 minutes, we’ll have you ready to manage changes and releases with confidence, no change sets required.”

At its heart, the DevOps Center is a tool to help teams release technology faster. It allows you to move changes between Salesforce development environments using features such as visual development pipelines, source control using GitHub, and automatic change tracking for your environments.

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What session are you most excited for at TrailblazerDX? Let us know in the comments!

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