Salesforce Sphere Dreamforce Special: October Edition

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Man, oh man! Did you get to go to Dreamforce ‘18 this year? I certainly did and it was my first time on a full badge. That was one crazy awesome experience. Now that we are in the aftermath of one of Salesforce’s largest releases, we get to explore some of the news filtering out from the event. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly excited for what Salesforce has in store for us in the coming months.

Announcing Customer 360: Salesforce’s Ultimate Vision for Integrated CRM

First up with a post-Dreamforce announcement is SalesforceBen, bringing us the update that was at the core and center of the event this year – innovation. This article is all about the Customer 360 and what that actually means. If you don’t already know what this is, I highly recommend this as a quick read!

The Golden Hoodie!

Next up, is a major congratulations!! David Liu from SFDC99 was given the first Developer Golden Trailblazer Hoodie at this year’s Developer Keynote. This article is his thoughts on the experience. I found it touching and encouraging and I hope you do too.

Highlights of Dreamforce 2018

Keeping up with the Dreamforce theme, we have SFDCfanboy bringing us his top highlights from the event. After a bit of scouring, I came to the conclusion I liked this summary best. If you didn’t make to the festivities, or did but can’t seem to remember what was what, I suggest you take a gander through this one.

Partnership of The Year – Salesforce Team Up With Apple!

Up for biggest surprise and almost biggest partnership, AlgoWorks shares an article about the two giants, Apple and Salesforce teaming up in what looks like to be some awesome new mobile app(s). I would definitely love to see Salesforce1 get the Apple touch!

Fact Check: Dreamforce 2018 Keynote

Last in the Dreamforce-esqe posts is an article from SFDCWeekly. Rarely do I actually find myself LOLing for real when reading about Salesforce, but this one had me ROFL. Seriously, I am not going to say anymore, other that you must read it!

The Classic Side of Winter ’19 release

Moving on to other Salesforce news, last month’s roundup brought you the Lighting finds for Winter ‘19. This month, I would personally like to share the Classic side of the Winter ‘19 release. I hope you find it helpful!

3 Expert Pardot Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Our final article this month comes from nuvem consulting, who share with us 3 tips anyone using Pardot must know. I find that these tip articles are highly useful to keep bookmarked somewhere safe for the days you are scratching your head for best answers. Enjoy!

Alright, September was a doozy with Dreamforce and all. Now, we can all finally relax into Fall (if it looks or feels like Fall where you are in). As an enjoyable way to end the month, and for all of the Disney fans out there, enjoy this Disney themed article that will have you singing in your head about Salesforce :

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