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Salesforce Service Cloud Console: Improve Agent Efficiency

By Rachel Garton

Service representatives complaining that the Lightning Service Console is too crowded? Whether you’re looking to retool your Service Cloud or just looking for some quick improvements for your service team, there are a ton of features and tricks you can enable to make your Service Cloud more efficient.

If you’ve not rolled out a console app for your customer service teams, you’re missing out on some great time-saving features. Console features are little different from Lightning to Classic. This guide will cover the Service Cloud Lightning Console – for Classic feature details check out this Salesforce Help article.

1. Split View

The console is all about providing your users with data quickly and keeping things compact. One great feature is Split View. Split View is a convenient pop-open side-panel with the list views of whatever object you’re on. For agents working cases, this is a great way for them to quickly check queues or their open case list without navigating away from their current workspace. To make things even better, this comes as a part of the console automatically, so no configuration required!

2. Console Navigation

One great efficiency in a Salesforce console is the improved navigation. Rather than having tabs for navigation and the App Launcher, console navigation is a convenient dropdown. This keeps the rest of the page tidy and frees up space for Workspace Tabs and Subtabs (covered below).

To set up the navigation in a console app, go to the App Manager and edit the navigation in the Lightning App Builder.

3. Workspace Tabs and Subtabs

The console navigation is compact and in a dropdown menu for convenience but also to free up space for Workspace Tabs! Workspace Tabs and Subtabs are a multi-taskers dream. Say goodbye to having dozens of window tabs open! Workspace Tabs and Subtabs are records and pages opened in console tabs within a single browser window. Subtabs are related records or pages grouped under a single parent tab. This allows your agents to quickly reference multiple records at a time and jump from case to case more efficiently.

  1. Edge Communications account in a Workspace Tab
  2. Related case for the Edge Communications account as a Subtab

Configure Workspace Tabs and their Subtabs in the Lightning App Builder under Navigation Rules. You can select which objects should open as subtabs of other objects, such as configuring Cases to open as subtabs under a single Account or Contact.

4. Utility Bar Features

While the Utility Bar isn’t just for the console (it can be used in any Lightning App) it makes a great console side-kick.

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