Salesforce RevOps Trends for 2022

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The buzz around RevOps continues to build, and companies are keeping pace by adding new roles at a record rate. The jury is still out on whether to go all in and break down your operating silos, or hyper-specialize around each go-to-market team. However, operations leaders and Salesforce Admins are in alignment with revenue growth more than ever before.

No matter your role, whether you’re in the ops or systems space, you’re pioneering a new type of career path that will only continue to evolve. The impact of your work is increasingly coming to the surface, leading to changes in titles, recognition, and compensation.

Technology and processes are constantly evolving too, making it hard to pin down the gold standard for best-in-class ops teams. We certainly have our theories about what makes for a successful go-to-market engine. Top tech stacks, rigorous processes, forward-thinkers, and motivated professionals with a mindset of continuous improvement all come to mind.

This led us to ask the following questions:

  • What factors are creating the lack of confidence in tech stacks? 
  • Why aren’t companies filling known gaps? 
  • How empowered are these teams to help drive change in their organization today?

The Future of Ops & Admins Survey

To uncover the answers to these critical questions, Wizards of Ops, the fastest-growing community for ops and systems leaders, Sonar, the leading Change Intelligence platform, and Salesforce Ben are bringing back the Future of Ops & Admins Survey.

The annual survey is the first-ever professional benchmarking report for ops and admins. It launched in 2021, with ops pros and Salesforce admins worldwide weighing in to share what’s challenging them, how their team works, what their company and team structures look like, and much more.

The 2022 Future of Ops & Admins Survey has arrived to build upon last year’s results, measuring what’s changed since 2021, what’s currently trending in the Salesforce ecosystem, and what’s on the horizon for this year and beyond.

Take the 2022 Future of Ops & Admins Survey:

Key Takeaways From the 2021 Survey

1. Ops & admins teams aren’t growing as a company grows

As companies scale, they’re not growing their Salesforce teams. Instead, they’re giving Salesforce access to more go-to-market team leaders, which can lead to negative downstream impacts.

Above: the breakdown in size between Salesforce teams and the rest of the GTM team members with CRM access.

2. Ops teams’ time get consumed by inefficiencies

Across ops and systems teams, there’s a lot of time lost on fixing things and non-value-add work:

Above: the inefficiencies across functions.

3. Salesforce certifications can increase their earning potential

Survey data suggests that pursuing a Salesforce certification can pay off for ops professionals and admins, depending on their role:

Above: the average salaries for certified and non-certified professionals

Keeping Up with Trends

Apply to join the 4,000+ active members of the Wizards of Ops community. WizOps represents ops and systems leaders from top companies all over the world. It’s the go-to resource for ops professionals to tackle systems questions, navigate career moves, and gain mentorship and thought leadership, while keeping their ears open to emerging industry trends, and being a part of a supportive, thriving community.

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