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Salesforce Reveals Einstein GPT Pricing

By Lucy Mazalon

With parts of Sales GPT, Service GPT, and the Einstein Trust Layer becoming generally available – and with the Salesforce AI Cloud roadmap including no less than 16 capabilities rolling out in the next few months – there’s no better time to get clued up on how much Einstein GPT will cost your organization. 

Following the news that Salesforce are increasing prices across all their products, we’re beginning to see the reasons behind the price hike. Salesforce are driven to deliver market-leading innovations in the GenAI space, while motivated to remain competitively priced, to a degree. Here’s an overview of how Einstein GPT pricing is structured, with what we know so far.

Note: Initially, only customers who have purchased Unlimited Edition will be eligible to use GPT-powered capabilities. Pricing details are provided for informational purposes only and subject to change and taxes and other fees. See the full disclaimers here

Sales GPT Pricing

Sales GPT will be included in Sales Cloud Einstein at $50/user/month. If you are a Salesforce Unlimited edition customer, Sales Cloud Einstein is already included. 

This includes a limited number of Einstein GPT credits (number TBC). Credits go towards generating outputs from user prompts – currently, it’s not confirmed what constitutes as one credit. Other large language models (LLMs) work on the basis of tokens, which determine the scope of information that the model can analyze when generating outputs. 

At the time of writing, Sales Emails is the Sales GPT capability generally available, with Buyer Assistant (Sales Bots) in beta testing. Sales Assistant and Call Summaries are expected to be generally available in October 2023. 

Service GPT Pricing

Similarly to Sales GPT, Service GPT will be included in Service Cloud Einstein at $50/user/month. If you are a Salesforce Unlimited edition customer, Service Cloud Einstein is already included. The same also applies in terms of credits.

At the time of writing, Service Replies and Work Summaries are the Service GPT capabilities generally available, with Knowledge Articles in pilot. Search Answers and Mobile Work Briefings entering pilot very soon.

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Enterprise Expansion Packs

When using their LLM (i.e. Einstein GPT), Salesforce has to essentially swallow the cost to process your data – processing petabytes of data doesn’t come cheap. To democratize pricing, after you’ve exhausted your allotted credits (number TBC) the pay-as-you-go pricing model seems a fair decision. 

This is where the Enterprise Expansion packs for Sales and Service teams come into action – need to use more to query your large database, the expansion pack will give you more credits to do so. 


Salesforce has unveiled the pricing for Einstein GPT, structured around a monthly user fee (and free for Unlimited Edition customers), along with Enterprise Expansion packs. With a robust roadmap, Salesforce aims to continue delivering state-of-the-art AI capabilities whilst maintaining a competitive pricing model.

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