Our Favourite 5 Booths @ Dreamforce ’19

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Dreamforce is like Disney Land for Salesforce professionals. With different “lands” placed around San Francisco, there is something for everyone there. One of these “Lands” is the Partner expo hall, where over 400 Salesforce ISV’s (Independent Software Vendor) have a chance to show off the best of their tech to 170,000 Dreamforce attendees.

Ben and I spent the 3rd day at Dreamforce, speaking to ISV’s and getting a glimpse of what the App landscape looked like. It’s safe to say we are living in the future, with a lot of Apps based around AI, It’s never been a better time to take advantage of the AppExchange.

Here are our favourite 5 booths from the event…

Favourite 5 Booths

5. FairWarning

For companies that work in a highly regulated industry, or are governed by new legislation such as GDPR, FairWarning could be just what you need. By monitoring your Salesforce Org, FairWarning can provide insights into any misuse of data by users. The tool has over 130 pre-built reports and alerts that will fire if, for example, a departing employee is trying to export more data out of the system than usual.

This can prevent, data misuse, data loss, as well as ensuring that you comply with regulations and meet security frameworks.

4. Crossbeam

Crossbeam’s one-line pitch leaves you curious – a “data escrow service that helps solve the prisoners’ dilemma between partners”. Let’s break that down. Just like an escrow account for money transfers, Crossbeam’s App holds CRM data in trust whilst two parties complete a transaction. The prisoners’ dilemma is where two parties act in their own self-interest, and as a result, do not produce the best outcome. Think about two partners do account mapping: they want to see synergies between their account data without one side exposing more than their fair share, and it being irreversible! Luckily, Crossbeam solves this issue, and allows you to get granular with what’s shared, even to the field level.

Admittedly, Crossbeam’s colour scheme attracted me to the booth, but their unique offering kept me listening! A relatively new product to the ecosystem, this is their first year at Dreamforce – but it certainly won’t be their last. In 2020, they plan to add more features to their product, and introduce their app to the AppExchange.

Above: Julian, Sales Development at Crossbeam, stands proudly at their electric blue and red booth. 

3. Avochato

Avochato is an all in one SMS solution that can support Sales, Support & Operations all on Salesforce. With SMS becoming a popular way to communicate with customers and prospects, Avochato has latched onto this trend to create a really slick solution.

In the live demo, we saw an SMS conversation from a Bot asking questions such as name. the company, and email address, all conversed across SMS, but then populated into Salesforce. Although we only saw one demo, the number of use cases for this will get your creative juices flowing I’m sure! In addition, SMS conversations can be carried out through a Lightning Component on any Salesforce record, pretty sweet!

2. NC Squared

NC Squared is a distribution engine for Salesforce, which basically translates to super advanced and slick lead assignment for any object in Salesforce. Although Salesforce has Lead Assignment, NC Squared has created a solution that makes any assignment process easy.

In the demo, we got a glimpse into the back end, showing us all the possibilities of distribution which is completely declarative. My favourite features were the ability to assign based on geographical location (A mapping tool is inbuilt), assign based on experience (Set a weighting to team members), and assign based by the existing owner of an Account.

As a bonus, I loved the ability to give record owners SLA’s, to ensure people are responding to a lead in good time.

1. WhatFix

WhatFix provides a digital adoption platform for Salesforce, and with their knockout demo and product, they’ve taken the #1 spot. Their product provides an overlay on Salesforce that guides users who wish to perform specific tasks, such as creating a lead, creating a report, or creating a quote. This allows users who have ongoing training questions, to get an instant, guided tutorial about how to carry out the task.

Not only this, but WhatFix has elements of an LMS Included. Providing guided training that users should complete before being certified as “onboarded” onto the system. This is fully reportable for managers to see if users are following the guided onboarding, it also integrates with survey applications so that users can be tested at the end of the training.

It’s hard to keep this overview concise, as I saw so many features such as advanced macro capabilities that can automate manual tasks, a Bot that can carry out asks for you, and a conversational reporting tool that can fetch back statistics from questions such as “How many open leads do I have?”.

All very impressive, congrats WhatFix!

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