Introducing Pardot Premium: The Best of Salesforce B2B Marketing Innovation

By Lucy Mazalon

Pardot are introducing Pardot Premium. This new edition, aimed at larger, enterprise organizations, will package together 4 of the most impressive Pardot innovations: B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, Einstein Attribution, Pardot Business Units, and Developer Sandboxes for Pardot.

Pardot has been on quite a journey since it was acquired back in 2013. At one point in 2019, I heard it had grown 20x since the acquisition. Pardot was affectionately referred to as the marketing automation tool for the SMB (small-medium business) market. Although this was Pardot’s origins, Salesforce had a greater vision for it post-acquisition. Pardot was designated as Salesforce’s go-to marketing solution for B2B organisations, and has been maturing to cater to enterprise-level organisations ever since. Pardot Premium marks its peak enterprise maturity.

Regarding Pardot Premium, there’s a focus on ABM, lead generation strategies, and marketing teams covering multiple business lines, or across different regions. I will cover each of the features included in Pardot Premium edition, linking out to further information found on The DRIP blog.

B2B Marketing Analytics Plus

First up, B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, the jewel in the Pardot crown.

B2BMA Plus is an analytics platform* for marketing data – but adds a predictive element into the mix. Analytics tells you what happened already (descriptive), whereas Einstein Analytics tells you what will happen (predictive).

In short, B2BMA Plus will crunch the numbers and tell you:

  • What happened
  • Why it happened
  • Predictions and improvements

The product will include 3 marketing specific apps to start

  • B2BMA,
  • Marketing Campaign Insights,
  • Account-Based Marketing

Find out more here.

Einstein Attribution

Einstein Attribution is a Pardot Einstein feature that aims to solve the gaps left in campaign attribution as a result of contacts not being associated with Salesforce opportunities and campaigns properly. Without the correct linkages between contact, opportunity, and campaign, marketers will never really know how much pipeline their campaigns contributed to.

Einstein Attribution will use something revolutionary. ‘Virtual Opportunity Contact Roles’ records are created to patch up the gaps, but are not actual contact roles, only are created to be leveraged in the back end.

Find out more here.

Pardot Business Units

Pardot addressed a major limitation in their platform when they introduced the much needed Pardot Business Units. Pardot Business Units are separate databases within a Pardot account that allow Pardot customers to partition their prospects, campaigns and assets by regions, products or services, remove the need to connect multiple instances of Pardot to Salesforce in order to restrict data syncing to each Pardot account.

Find out more here.

Developer Sandboxes for Pardot

Developer Sandboxes for Pardot have arrived! Sandboxes function as test or staging environments, where you can build and test configuration without risking anything going horribly wrong and disrupting business operations. 

Pardot Sandboxes will, no doubt, become essential in every Pardot Admin’s work. This infographic will show you the what, how, who and when.

Pardot Premium Pricing

When Pardot Premium is released, the pricing details should be publicly available on the official pricing page.

Pardot Premium Demo

Check out the official demo video here

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Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.

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