Implement Salesforce Path into your Record Pages

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A feature that has been around since the dawn of the Lightning Experience, Path is helping reps visualise the road ahead for the deal. It allows you to view various record stages in a flow style, as well as show key fields and information at each stage of the deal. Previously called Sales Path and only enabled on Opportunities, Path is a component that can now be placed on Leads, Campaigns, Contracts, Orders, and even custom objects! For more seriously cool Lightning features to implement, check out, 4 Amazing Lightning Experience Features to Implement.


1. First navigate to Setup > Path Settings > New Path


2. Enter basic details about your path including Name, Record Type & Picklist. Remember that you can create different path’s per record type so if you use multiple sales processes, Path has got you covered.

3. The next stage is so simple that you don’t even need a tutorial to do it! With the extremely easy to use interface, you can specify the fields you would like to appear at each stage of the process, as well as guidance for success text. The text can include up to 1000 characters, including images and links! Simply click on each Picklist value and start building up a picture of what you want your reps to concentrate on.

4. Once this is complete you are pretty much done. If you are carrying this function out on a standard object that already has the Component added to the page layout (Such as Lead, Opportunity or Contract), then the Path should start working on it’s own. If you are using a custom object then you will need to add the component to the page layout.

To do this hit the Cog icon top right of Lightning Experience when on the custom object page, hit “Edit Page”. Next drag the “Path” standard Component over to your page. You will be able to configure the settings on the right hand side.

5. Once the component is added to page, voila! You have just enabled Path.

7 thoughts on “Implement Salesforce Path into your Record Pages

  1. As part of Case Object sales path, i addded fields as ‘Case owner’ and ‘description’. but case owner is not editable in the screen. may i know the reason please. thanks,

  2. Ben,
    I set this up in my sandbox but am not seeing the Guidance for success text or key fields, just the stage markers as they have always looked. Am I missing a step?

  3. Hi Ben,
    I really like how the Opportunity Stage field has Closed Won and Closed Lost both show up as “Closed” in the path. Any suggestion on how to get other fields to work this way (Such as Quote Status)?

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