6 Free Salesforce Career & Certification Courses for 2023

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Since 1999, Salesforce has pioneered the Cloud Computing space, and it is now the market leader in CRM with 22.9% of the market share! As a result, Salesforce has over 150,000 customers across the globe, all of whom need technical support from Salesforce professionals.

Fancy transitioning to a career in technology? The fantastic news is that no matter which background you are from, Salesforce and its various partners offer completely free courses to help you skill up in the world’s leading CRM platform.

1. Salesforce Certification Days

Salesforce Certification Days are free, half-day webinars led by expert Salesforce instructors. The webinars will cover the main topic of the exam you are preparing for, focusing on the highest-weighted areas.

Since these sessions are quick, they are best suited to people who have already done the majority of preparation for the exam. You’ll get the most benefits from the webinar if you’ve already:

  • Reviewed the exam guide
  • Completed any relevant Trailhead trails and projects
  • Used other study resources
  • Completed mock exams

Think of Certification Days as a chance to cram before your exam! Sign up for a Certification Day here.

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2. Ultimate Salesforce Career Course

At Salesforce Ben, we put together this free career course to help you skill up on everything you need to know about a career in the Cloud.

This career course will run you through every step of the Salesforce career journey, from learning Salesforce basics all the way through to scoring your dream job. Learn more here.

3. Salesforce Fundamentals

Salesforce Fundamentals is a free, 3-week virtual course where you’ll learn all about Salesforce, real-world business use cases, the ecosystem, and potential careers.

Salesforce Fundamentals is aimed at people who are new to the ecosystem but are looking to get a head start on their career journey. The learning journey is designed for everyone, so whether you are a student, graduate, or switching careers, Salesforce Fundamentals can help.

Live, virtual sessions are hosted weekly, with the recording available on demand. After each session, you’ll receive an email containing suggested Trailhead modules, plus additional career resources.

Find sessions in your region here.

4. Salesforce Pathfinder

The Salesforce Pathfinder Program is a workforce development initiative, providing training and support for anybody pursuing a career in Salesforce.

Pathfinder is a 24-week, virtual program. It includes a mix of self-paced Trailhead, live sessions, and homework. And you’ll get the benefit of certification exam support, study groups, and practice exams.

Upon completion of the program, you’ll have the option to apply for career opportunities at various Salesforce customers and partners.

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5. Salesforce Talent Alliance

The Talent Alliance was founded to bring new, diverse talent into the Salesforce ecosystem.

The program will help you skill up on everything Salesforce, train for your certification, and connect you with employers to help you land that first job. Learn more right here.

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6. Clicked

In partnership with Salesforce, Clicked has launched a series of learning experiences to help you get hands-on project experience with Salesforce.

These experiences are run over a series of weeks, and allow you to run through a scenario with your teammates, to help you deliver various stages of a life-like Salesforce project. Check out the experiences here!


When it comes to building your career in the Salesforce ecosystem, there are plenty of free resources out there to help you!

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