Field Footprint – Analyze Your Salesforce Field Usage!

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I’m a massive fan of the Salesforce Labs program, if you follow me on Twitter then you’ve probably heard me praising the program in the past!


It’s an awesome program inside Salesforce for employees. They can share apps that they create within the AppExchange and the apps are free! (boring disclaimer: Salesforce Labs apps are not official products)

Just a couple of days ago I came across this ‘secret’ listing in the AppExchange, and it’s just too much of a good tool to keep it hidden. I actually found it whilst catching up on some trailhead badges.

Without further adieu let me introduce you Field Footprint!

Field Footprint

Field Footprint allows you to get a full picture of field usage across your Salesforce Org. This allows you to get rid of fields that aren’t being used, clogging up the page, and are generally using up limits. There are other tools out there which achieved a similar result, but Field Footprint has some extra features such as filtering by record types or validation rules.

Within the ‘Field Footprint runs’ you can select the object and add filters for records that meet a certain condition. You can then choose to run it across Workflows, Validations and even Reports.

How many times have you wondered if ‘X’ field is used on reports? Well now you can! Although please note that it runs only on custom fields and within reports that are not in private report folders. After running the report, you can see the magic happen!

You can see that in my (messy) dev org I have 18 records of account with 80 fields! With very low usage or none at all in some of them.

As it quietens down in the run-up to the holidays, this is a good time to ensure that your Org is looking nice and clean for the new year This not only leads to a better user experience but improves the system performance. Start the new year right!

However, a word of warning before you have some fun with this Salesforce Labs App…

Check it out and have a play! Listing Link.

21 thoughts on “Field Footprint – Analyze Your Salesforce Field Usage!

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    I’m getting “LastReferencedDate is inaccessible in this context” error for some objects, unable to get the data for those objects.
    any suggestion ….??

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    I discovered a critical downfall in this otherwise really handy application. It labels all checkbox fields at 100% utilization. It does not distinguish what percentage of records has the box checked versus unchecked.

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    If you find your Org is too big for Field Footprint – give a try. Plus it gives you the “WhereUsed” and ton of other analysis.

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      I found a hack that will allow the report to run on the Opportunity Product object.

      Create a footprint header record for an object that works. This is the step produces the LastReferencedDate error on the Oppty Product object.

      I then updated the record data Object Label and Object Name to use OpportunityLineItem. I used Salesforce inspector for chrome to make the record update.

      The header redord (footprint__FootPrint__c) is now pointing to the Opportunity Products object.

      Run the analysis report.

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