Ebsta Review- LinkedIn Plugin for Chrome

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If you are a user of Salesforce and have a LinkedIn account, you need to have this App. Ebsta isn’t actually installed within Salesforce, it is a Chrome extension that is installed within seconds and allows you to cross reference LinkedIn profiles with Information inside Salesforce.


I’ve used a few other LinkedIn Apps that try and provide some sort of link up to Salesforce and vice versa but they are all very clunky. I’ve found them to take a lot of time to set up and most of the time they don’t work. Ebsta is a seriously simple App and I’m surprised i haven’t heard of it before, it deserves a lot more recognition. The principle behind it is that once you have installed Ebsta it will sit in your tool bar discreetly until you click on someones LinkedIn profile. Ebsta will then start crawling Salesforce for any records that match that particular profile. If Ebsta has found someone then a green toolbar will appear with results of how many people and links to them in Salesforce. If unsuccessful, a red bar is shown.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 19.36.28Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 19.42.01

In a nutshell that is Ebsta! It’s so simple and it definitely opens opportunities for the active Sales person who knows how to utilise Linkedin and Salesforce well. If you use these two Applications then there is no reason not to use Ebsta. I’ve turned from a Salesforce Administrator with no actual use of Salesforce into quite an active user so this App is definitely essential for me.


I usually get put off with installing any App’s as the promise of ease is usually unfounded and then I get annoyed and uninstall it..However with Ebsta was a breeze which is another reason to give it a go, check out my sarcastic installation below

Step 1.  Click Install                                                     Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 19.27.56

Step 2.  Give Salesforce Permission Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 19.32.05


You’re done! It honestly takes around 2 minutes to get up and running.

Even More Functionality

So apart from the obvious function mentioned above about alerting you to a LinkedIn profile being in Salesforce, Ebsta offers a multitude of other functionality, Salesforce and GMail related. You can post straight to chatter, you can log calls and my favourite you can even add a record! See a great prospect or someone you have dealt with before? If they’re not in Salesforce then you can simply click +Add, the object, then copy the information over. I particularly like how it does not cover any of the key information like I can imagine some less thought over Apps doing!

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 22.13.18



As I’ve said earlier in this Ebsta review. If you have Salesforce and you actively used Linkedin, Get Ebsta. It will save you a bunch of time entering new leads/contacts into Salesforce as well as giving you extra opportunities, by looking over a prospect that might have been interested in your company at one point and is now showing interest again. As displayed here it really is very quick to set up so there is really no excuse not to give this a go!

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