Most Popular Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2023

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It’s no secret that there is a vast array of fantastic time-saving and helpful Salesforce Chrome extensions out there. But how do you separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’?

For me, Salesforce Chrome extensions are a big part of my working life as they support my productivity in a variety of different ways. From plugins and password managers like LastPass, to extensions like OneTab (to save your computer’s memory), there’s a Chrome tool for everything!

Salesforce is no exception, as there are many great Salesforce Chrome extensions to choose from to help you in your role. This post will focus on admin and developer Chrome extensions, ranked by popularity (installations and ratings), as well as ease of use.

Ranking Salesforce Chrome Extensions

For 2022, we have reviewed the top 4* and 5* Chrome extensions for Salesforce Admins and Developers, ranking them based on functionality, ease of use, star rating, number of users, and user reviews.

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1. Salesforce Inspector

★★★★★ (259)

Users: 400,000+

By far the most popular and well-used Chrome extension for both admins and developers, Salesforce Inspector adds a metadata layout on top of the standard Salesforce UI to improve the productivity and joy of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to access everything through the extension; access field API names and export data, view field values that are not on the page layout without querying, and navigate through related records and objects.

Bonus: You can even manually edit, import, and export data.

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2. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

★★★★★ (169)

Users: 50,000+

This enables you to quickly search through your instance’s Apex classes, triggers, Visualforce pages, and more.

3. ORGanizer for Salesforce

★★★★★ (1231)

Users: 60,000+

The ORGanizer Chrome extension allows you to forget about your username and passwords and helps you to recognize tabs from various orgs on your browser. You can set individual labels, colors, and even quick links for your orgs for easier navigation.

Note : An alternative Chrome extension with 30,000+ users which will help get your Salesforce credentials in order is Salesforce Logins by Synebo. The functionality is free, you can add all your credentials either manually or through importing them, and you can even choose to be logged out after a certain amount of time.

4. Salesforce DevTools

★★★★★ (39)

Users: 40,000+

A powerful suite of Salesforce Developer tools, including Query Editor, Fields definition, ERDs, Page Layout, and more.

5. Salesforce Colored Favicons

★★★★☆ (81)

Users: 30,000+

This extension is sure to become a favorite fast, as it really is the simplest safeguard for a user with administrative permissions in Salesforce not to make changes in production by mistake. Each org will have its own color cloud in the browser, so you know exactly which sandbox or instance you’re in without having to check the URL.

Note: You can literally choose any color you’d like, so regardless of how many production orgs, sandboxes, and developer editions you have going on, colors won’t repeat unless you want them to.

6. Salesforce Show API Names

★★★★★ (21)

Users: 20,000+

Extension shows the API field names on detail pages directly under the label., and works for both standard as well as custom fields. 

7. Salesforce Change Set Helper

★★★★☆ (50)

Users: 20,000+

A Chrome extension to improve the usability of Salesforce change sets. Adds last changed date and allows sorting, searching, validation, and comparison with other orgs.

8. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard

★★★★☆ (51)

Users: 20,000+

Salesforce only allows you to refresh dashboards daily, weekly, or monthly. With Enhance Salesforce Dashboard, you can now have “up-to-the-second” real-time information and set auto refresh frequency/duration.

9. Salesforce Admin Check All

★★★★☆ (73)

Users: 10,000+

Salesforce Admin Check All is an extension that enhances the Salesforce Setup pages by adding “check all” checkboxes to various checkbox lists. This enhanced functionality helps make some setup tasks more efficient by potentially saving administrators from having to manually check each checkbox in a list individually.

10. Salesforce Mass Editor

★★★★☆ (24)

Users: 10,000+

Mass create, mass update, mass clone, and mass delete on any list view. Supported in both Classic and Lightning.

Salesforce Mass Editor is a simple but powerful Chrome extension.

11. Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher

★★★★☆ (20)

Users: 10,000+

Using the advanced “quick find”, you can get your code with fewer clicks. You can also search any string in your code.

By using this extension, you can search your code components in your Salesforce instance including: Apex Classes, Triggers, Visualforce Pages, etc.

12. Better Salesforce Formula Editor

★★★★☆ (67)

Users: 8000+

This extension improves the Salesforce formula editor including: Syntax highlighting, Field and Metadata autocomplete, Live snippets, documentation, and real time error display at the bottom of the dark mode formula editor.

13. Salesforce Navigator for Lightning

★★★★☆ (18)

Users: 6000+

This extension helps you get to any Salesforce page quickly by simply typing what you need to do. *Update: Salesforce Navigator appears to have been replaced by Salesforce Navigator for Lightning.

14. Salesforce Community Page Optimizer

★★★★☆ (15)

Users: 6000+

The Salesforce Community Page Optimizer (Developer Preview) analyzes your lightning-based community/apps and identifies performance optimization opportunities. Use the information to refine your design and improve performance for your members.

15. Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce

★★★★★ (40)

Users: 5000+

This extension compares any two objects or their records (could be from the same org or different orgs) and highlights all the differences found.

16. Boostr for Salesforce

★★★★★ (32)

Users: 5000+

Boost your admin and developer productivity on with Boostr! This app includes the ability to search when adding items to a change set, as well as filter, add a checkbox in the admin area to uncheck/check all fields, and a whole lot more.

17. SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for Salesforce

★★★★★ (15)

Users: 4000+

Extract SOQL queries with their execution counts from Debug Logs of Salesforce. Helps you analyze the “Too Many SOQLs” error.

18. Salesforce Metadata Utility

★★★★★ (9)

Users: 3000+

This extension is a simple-to-use and efficient productivity booster, all hidden under the right-click option. It can easily copy the record Id (both 15- and 18-character), create queries and – here’s the cherry on the top – export all picklist values for all fields on the object you’re navigating from.

19. Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce

★★★★★ (22)

Users: 2000+

If you want to ensure that a user can access Salesforce without requiring a verification code or security token, you need to whitelist their IP.

If you have a lot of IPs to whitelist, or you want to whitelist dynamic IPs, or if you simply want to disregard this requirement altogether, use this extension.

20. Id Clipper

★★★★☆ (53)

Users: 2000+

Helps you get Ids from records and links over to your clipboard.

Click on the scissors icon to clip the Id to your clipboard, click it to get the 18-character version, then click it again to get a cleaned version of the URL in the address bar.

21. Salesforce Hotkeys

★★★★★ (22)

Users: 2000+

Adds hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to your Salesforce record page.

22. Salesforce Simplified

★★★★★ (46)

Users: 1000+

The Salesforce Simplified Chrome extension is made for Salesforce Developers – easing their daily life by sharing useful, accessible data points on top of the UI.

When you are working on any module, you need data that has been recently created or modified handy. This allows you to work faster, saving time and avoiding unnecessary clicks.

23. Org Header for Salesforce

★★★★★ (14)

Users: 3000+

Quickly distinguish which sandbox you’re working in by setting up a distinctive header for each.

When you’re working with multiple sandboxes, it can be easy to lose track of which one you’re in – avoid making changes in the wrong sandbox by adding a distinctive custom header to the sandboxes you work with regularly.

24. SFDC Magic Toolkit

★★★★★ (14)

Users: 1000+

This Chrome extension allows Salesforce professionals to obtain the package.xml easily, from both inbound and outbound change sets, as well as export the test coverage report.

25. Crazy Compare for Salesforce

★★★★★ (11)

Users: 1000+

Save time and easily find differences between two Salesforce profiles from the Salesforce Setup page, with the added possibility of downloading a difference report.


There are so many more Chrome extensions out there which may just become the next productivity booster for Salesforce professionals. Be sure to share your personal favorite in the comments below!

26 thoughts on “Most Popular Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2023

    1. Hi Rajat,

      As with many third party products, some are still working on being compatible with Lightning, however I think you’ll find that the majority of these do support Lightning. Some of these products also have newer versions that didn’t quite make it onto our list because they don’t yet have enough users and reviews.

      It’s also worth noting that there are still many organisations using Classic and therefore these Chrome Extensions are very much applicable to them.

      Regards, Christine

      1. Most of them are not updated since few years.
        You should filter out all that are not updated since one year. Most probably they are using some old libraries and may cause security risk.
        At least add to table last update date of each extension.

        1. Hi Pawel,

          Thanks for your feedback! We will certainly take into consideration your suggestion to add the last update of each extension – I agree this would be useful.

          Best, Christine

  1. Great! Chrome with 5 extensions needs a lot of time to start, you should add 5 more and go to the vacation and when you come back, your google chrome is there. It opened its window!!! Until I found out that there is VIVALDI browser, I had A LOT of problems with chrome. Slow work, I had to go to google to find out how to make it faster. And it works for a week or two, then it is slow again. Long live VIVALDI. And it can use all chrome extensions. At the moment, I use 4, and it is not slower because of it.

    1. Christine Marshall


      Hi Ruthie,

      It appears to have been replaced by Salesforce Navigator for Lightning so I have updated the link accordingly!

  2. I really like the Maven Tools for Salesforce extension

    One tool to rule them all! An ever-growing collection of Salesforce developer tools.
    Uniquely architectured for Salesforce technical consultants, Maven Tools transforms how Salesforce implementations are being delivered. It offers features like an intelligent query editor, REST console, event hub and many more, giving you the power to deliver changes more quickly and effectively.

  3. Andreea, your post is excellent! As a Salesforce user, I appreciate your compilation of popular Chrome extensions. Your list was informative, and it introduced me to some new tools that I’m eager to experiment with. I’m particularly interested in trying out the Salesforce Inspector and Salesforce Show API Names extensions. Thank you for sharing these valuable resources!

    1. Hello Puneet! Thank you for your kind words, and happy you are looking forward to trying some of the extensions out, let us know how it goes!

  4. Oi can you do an article like this but for FireFox??? There’s many like me that don’t use Chrome.

    Awesome article btw

    1. Hello Batata! Thank you for your feedback, and appreciate mentioning Firefox too, I might look into the available extensions there in the future.

  5. Anyone else having random issues with the Chrome extension for salesforce email where it keeps saying session expired?

  6. Wow, what a fantastic rundown of the most popular Salesforce Chrome extensions in 2023! As a dedicated Salesforce user, I can’t express how valuable these tools have become in enhancing my workflow and boosting my productivity. It’s incredible how the Salesforce ecosystem continues to evolve, and these extensions truly exemplify the innovative spirit of the platform.

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