Dreamforce like a Pro: Top Tips from 8 Expert Trailblazers

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Dreamforce 2019 is on the horizon and promises to be the biggest and best Dreamforce yet. This Salesforce event is the most sought after in the Salesforce calendar; come November, over 170,000 enthusiasts will descend on San Francisco for four days of knowledge, inspiration and networking.

With so much to do and so little time, we asked some Dreamforce veterans and all-round expert Trailblazers for their top tips to help you Dreamforce like a pro!

David K. Liu, Salesforce MVP, author of SFDC99 and Technical Architect at Google:

  • “Keep your schedule light – it’s unrealistic to attend sessions all day! You need time to explore, network, and play. Three sessions a day is plenty!”
  • “Bring a big backpack to carry all the free stuff you’re gonna get.”


Misty Jones, Salesforce MVP and Principal Salesforce Business Analyst at Liberty Mutual:

  • “Don’t be afraid to change your schedule. It’s okay if you don’t make it to every session on your calendar, let it be somewhat flexible, because some of the best knowledge exchanges occur when you’re networking 1-on-1.”


Melinda Smith, Salesforce MVP,  on the board of WITness Success and Project Manager at Arkus, Inc:

  • “Just concede to the fact that you will be TIRED! Everyone is.  It’s A LOT.  Walking, listening, networking, late nights & early mornings.  You’re at Dreamforce for the experience so take those vitamins and extra cup of coffee.  You’ll be disappointed if you miss out on something for that extra hour of sleep.”
  • “SNACKS – I can’t stress this enough. Bring snacks in your bag. You will be running around and you need to keep that energy up and the hangry at bay. Lunch is provided all over the city but your schedule may not match up on those times.”


Steve Molis, Salesforce MVP and Number 1 Answers Community Leader:

  • “Pack a small (US 120 volt power strip). 1 wall outlet will instantly turn into 5 new friends. Also, you won’t be that douche who hogs the electric outlet for 3 hours while you charge your laptop, iPad, and phone to 100%!”
  • “If you’re travelling from outside America, don’t forget to bring a US converter/adapter.”


Mary Tagler, Salesforce MVP, Chicago Salesforce Saturday founder and Senior Application Administrator at Relativity:

  • “Bring a Sharpie and write your twitter handle on your badge. It will make it easier to connect with others.”
  • “Skip the shuttle for close trips if you can handle the walk. Traffic can be a beast, many times you can walk faster.”


Eric Dreshfield, Salesforce MVP, founder of Midwest Dreamin’, leader of the Evansville Salesforce Admin group, organiser of the Dreamforce Newbie “Reunion” Breakfast and Vice President of Delivery at ITequality:

  • “Comfortable shoes – you’ll be walking a lot during the week. And by a lot I mean 5 to 7 miles per day – that’s been my average over the last 8 years of Dreamforce. Make sure you have at least 2 pairs of comfortable shoes with you, and make sure you’ve worn them a few times before Dreamforce. It’s not the place to be breaking in new shoes.”
  • “This one is probably the most important one…talk to people. If you’re waiting in line for a session, talk to those around you also waiting in the line. After you sit in a session and before it begins, talk to those sitting near you. Simple conversation starters include things like: “This is my first time to Dreamforce, how about you?” Or “Hi, I’m Eric and I’m from Indiana. I’m a marketing person. What do you do?” (Of course, use your own name and not Eric – unless that IS your name!)


Amanda Beard-Neilson, co-leader of the London Salesforce Admin group, co-organiser of London’s Calling and Chief Technology Officer at UniQuest Ltd:

  • “Don’t bother bringing a laptop to any session. Just use your phone or a pad to make any notes and take pics of the key slides.”
  • “Tweet any good content and remember to tag the speaker and give thanks. It’s their content that makes this whole event so great and they made a huge effort to get on stage and share.”


Stephanie Herrera, Salesforce MVP, founder of Salesforce Saturday,  PepUp Tech co-founder and Global VP of Salesforce Practice for Computer Futures:

  • “Sessions, Sessions, Sessions & Certifications!! Put together your Session Schedule and ALWAYS have at least 2 back up sessions, that are NEARBY in case your session is full. This way you can quickly adjust and not miss out on the opportunity to Learn! Schedule to take a Certification during Dreamforce, as they are typically discounted during this time!”
  • “Make a goal to meet at least 3 influencers that you have not met before. Twitter is very helpful in keeping up with Salesforce Influencers, as they are typically very active on social! In the process of tracking them down you will meet other Amazing Trailblazers along the way! I met Selina Suarez at Dreamforce 2016, and a few short months later, we kicked off, what would become PepUp Tech!”

With amazing tips like these, your Dreamforce 2019 journey is sure to be an epic one!

2 thoughts on “Dreamforce like a Pro: Top Tips from 8 Expert Trailblazers

  1. Is Twitter really necessary to get the full Dreamforce experience? I may be persuaded to revisit for that, but it’s not my favorite platform.

  2. @Mary Not necessary, but it is a platform used by A LOT of people in the Salesforce ecosystem. Essentially if you want to keep up with what people are doing in the Salesforce world Twitter is worth it. I was much like you and before getting into Salesforce I hardly used it, but I soon heard from others that it was worth being on.

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