Dreamforce 2024 Call for Participation is Now Open: All You Need to Know

By Anirudh Kumar

This year’s Dreamforce is set to kick off in September – and as we inch closer to it, Salesforce has opened its “Call for Speakers”. The admin and developer tracks are essentially a platform for professionals to deliver and consume quality content that will help them with their respective roles. If you wish to present your content you can now register your interest – the Dreamforce Call for Participation will remain open until 5pm (PST) on June 6.

Salesforce is even encouraging people who are new to speaking with a dedicated module on Trailhead. There are only a limited number of nominations for this, but if you aren’t successful this year, Salesforce will try to highlight you in other events or joint marketing opportunities in the future.

Submission Process Explained

This year, the submission process is simplified with one form for everyone that will close on June 6. The form also collects information about other aspects of the event, so participants should pay attention while filling it out. While there are several aspects of Salesforce that you could talk about, we will guide you through the key ones to make things easier for you.

Session Proposal vs. Speaker Nomination

Salesforce will carefully review “Session Proposals” to fill the admin and developer tracks with quality content. These submissions will detail both the topic and the speakers for a session – the content must be tailored for the selected roles and presented by whoever submitted it. Meanwhile, teams looking to find speakers for existing content can make use of the “Speaker Nominations”. 

However, note that while the interested participants are welcome to submit their names to be considered for a session, these nominations won’t be reviewed for the admin or the developer track. Once done, you can choose the primary audience of your content, which in this case would either be developer or admin.

Writing a Good Proposal

Let’s start with the title. Salesforce’s guidelines suggest that the title should be something that will be of interest to the roles you are targeting. Clarity and conciseness are the priority here, so make sure your title is no more than 60 characters long.

Next, the proposed abstract is where you will write a short paragraph explaining what you’re going to talk about. Creativity goes a long way, so make sure it’s not just your slide deck. Ponder over some helpful questions like:

  • What are you going to build/demo?
  • What discussion will you lead?
  • What will your audience be able to take home with them and show to their companies? 

Remember that this will be published on the Dreamforce website for everyone to see.

In addition to this, make sure you prioritize the “Why should this session be presented at Dreamforce?” field – this will essentially be your pitch. There is a 1000-character limit for the field, so there’s no need to skimp on the content.

If you have more than one topic you’d like to propose, you will have to complete the submission process again for each topic.

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Suggested Topics for Admins

Salesforce is on the lookout for fun, engaging sessions that will not only entertain but also provide actionable content to help Salesforce Admins and Developers enhance their skills, bolster their careers, and create innovative solutions for their companies. The overarching theme for this year is “possibilities” – encouraging big dreams and striving for greatness.

Here are some session ideas that you can consider:

  • Exploring new features: Presenters can talk about new Salesforce features like Einstein Copilot, Prompt Builder, Data Cloud, Flow, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the platform, sharing creative solutions with these tools can offer immense value.
  • Comprehensive solutions: You can showcase how a combination of products and features can address complex business challenges.
  • Relatable topics: Choose topics that resonate personally. The passion for the subject matter is contagious and can make sessions more engaging for the audience.
  • Valuable takeaways: Focus on what the audience will learn. It’s crucial that the presentations not only capture the interest of the audience but also provide them with valuable insights and lessons.
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Suggested Topics for Developers

In the same breath, here are a few topic suggestions for Developers:

  • Expertise in technical topics: If you have significant expertise and experience in a specific feature or a solution you’ve developed, consider speaking about it. The key to engaging your audience is your passion for the topic, which stems from the connection you have to what you are discussing.
  • Utilizing generative AI: For those integrating generative AI into their workflows, whether through Salesforce AI products or partnerships with technology leaders like OpenAI or Anthropic, sharing your experiences could provide valuable insights. Additionally, developers can also shed light on how GenAI can help with coding. Explain how you are leveraging AI-driven apps and AI assistance in your daily tasks.
  • Innovations and features: If you have experimented with the latest Salesforce innovations like new AI features, Data Cloud, or automation features, or if you’ve participated in a pilot or beta of the Salesforce Platform, your personal opinion on these advancements would be highly valuable.
  • Career advice and tips: Not all knowledge needs a technical demo. The Community Campfire sessions are perfect for sharing softer skills such as networking, navigating workplace challenges, or using AI in your job search. These conversational topics are crucial for helping Trailblazers thrive in their careers.


Salesforce has announced its Call for Speakers for Dreamforce 2024, inviting proposals for the admin and developer track. This year, the submission process is uniform, with one form for all, closing on June 6 at 5pm (PST). This opportunity is also open to novice speakers with limited slots, offering other engagement opportunities if not selected. 

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