Dreamforce 2017: Keynote Summary & Big Announcements

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Dreamforce 2017 has kicked off with a bang as 170,000 Salesforce fanatics rain down upon San Fransisco for this sold out event. This annual conference which brings developers, admins and business users from all over the world sets out to motivate, inspire and educate technologists from all around the world. Every year Salesforce has a focus on a particular topic, this time around, it’s the year of the Trailblazer. Being a Trailblazer is someone who sets out to accomplish great tasks against all odds, and to push our great industry and world forward. Mainly inspired by the Trailhead initiative, Salesforce is actively providing the tools for people from all walks of life can create an amazing career for themselves.

For the second year in a row, Salesforce has gone with the National Park theme to tie in with the 170,000 Trailblazers roaming around the city. From pine trees, to log boats and even an impressive waterfall, Salesforce has gone all out and continues to live up to it’s accolade as the biggest and best software conference in the world.



As always, Benioff had a few surprises up his sleeve for the Keynote, unfortunately none of them involved Parker Harris in a costume. However, what was released half way through the Keynote was perhaps better than this! Salesforce announced and demoed five new features for their existing products. Now we all love features and I understand if you’re slightly underwhelmed by this news, but trust me, they are exciting.

The features were all based around customisation and branding, each feature being prefixed with “my”. They include myLighting, mySalesforce, myEinstein, myIot and myTrailhead. These features bolt on to their respective products, giving your customisation power like never before..


Perhaps one of the most exciting and most requested features in recent times, myLightning gives you a suite of tools that allows you to further customise your Salesforce org to make it more like your own. From early 2018 you will be able to change your Org’s colours to match your brand with the Theming and Design system. This was demoed in the main Dreamforce ’17 keynote with an amazing example from T-Mobile that you can see below. As well as this feature you will soon be able to show/hide Lightning components based on values in fields with App Builder & Dynamic pages. Read more about some of the other exciting features with myLightning in the official blog post.


Something which certainly came as a surprise for me was the announcement of mySalesforce. This feature gives you the ability to create your own mobile applications that can be published on the Google Play & Apple stores. The feature comes with it’s own set of tools and design systems in order to build Apps fast. I personally believe this has the biggest impact on the Community cloud. You’ve been able to login via the Salesforce1 app for a number of years into a customer or partner community, but now you can give your users a complete unified experience with an App that looks just like your own. Check out the full details here.


Einstein is already one of Salesforce’s most exciting forward thinking products having been around for a year now, but Salesforce have stepped up their game even more with the announcement of myEinstien. This tool gives Admins the ability to build point and click AI models using their data inside of Salesforce, as well as creating chat bots to service your customers. The GIF’s shown on the official announcement blog post show you how easy it is to create these bots and models in just a few clicks.


Trailhead has reinvented the way that Salesforce professionals train up on the ever expanding Salesforce ecosystem. It has also enabled thousands of people to improve their career prospects by pivoting and learning completely new skills – in a market where there isn’t enough professionals! Salesforce are now taking this one step further and are allowing businesses to build their own branded Trailhead platforms specifically for their own company. With an easy to use wizard-like interface, you can now create custom challenges, modules and badges to provide a gamified, fun learning platform. I’m very excited to see how companies start using myTrailhead, it might just become the industry standard for learning! Read more in the announcement post here.


After spending some time researching IoT cloud projects, Salesforce found that a majority of the projects that started, were never completed for a variety of reasons. After digging into the reason why, Salesforce concluded that the process to implement was code heavy and required a huge amount of expertise. myIoT sets to break this trend with Salesforce’s mantra of “Clicks not code”, using a new interface to build out IoT journeys. Automations can be setup with ease and use what looks like a similar interface to visual flow or the process builder. Check out the full ca[abilities of the tools available here.

Flagship Customer Demos

In this section, Lucy has provided a condensed version of her full post: ‘DF17 Coverage: The 3 Flagship Customer Keynote Demos‘, a detailed rundown of what solutions were showcased in the keynote.

The keynote demos are guaranteed to make eyes widen, never failing to provide a peek into the ultimate platform vision that Salesforce crafts for us. Salesforce have built an extremely impressive clientele, and are spoilt for choice when selecting showcase customers. Following this year’s ‘Trailblazer’ empowered customer theme, the 3 customers selected are true ‘Technology disruptors’ and ‘Global shapers’ in their respective industries, featuring:

  • T-Mobile
  • Adidas
  • 21st Century Fox





Industry: Telecommunications

User story: Sales

Featured products:

  • myTrailhead (Playbooks/Trailmixes)
  • Einstein Forecasting
  • Smart fields
  • Dynamic Layouts
  • myLightning
  • mySalesforce

T-Mobile is a telecom enterprise “redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation’ (T-Mobile). Their objective to sell effectively and at speed means they are looking to empower their sales teams with productivity-boosting apps that maintain the brand’s look & feel, and deliver the training that enables successful app usage – all at scale.

‘T-Mobile Sales Play’ App, using myTrailhead 

Sales Cloud Home page ft. Einstein Forecasting

Dynamic Page Layouts Component Visibility filters

A peek at myLightning under the hood


Industry: Retail

User story: Commerce/Marketing/Service

Featured products:

  • Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce DMP (Data Management Platform)
  • Advertising Studio (Marketing Cloud)
  • myEinstein (chatbot)
  • Service Cloud

Adidas have been on a mission “to be the best sports brand in the world”. Innovation is woven into the narrative of their trademark labelled “The Badge of Sport” – “the sharp end of our spear, seen on innovative products, as well as with the world’s best athletes, teams and events” (Adidas). This mentality drove them to bolster their e-commerce operations with a best-of-breed platform: Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The Adidas dot com store is by far their largest retail presence, and their e-commerce revenue stream has grown 66% YOY (year-on-year) since implementing this stack. Thinking about the scale of their operations on the Commerce Cloud is mind-blowing – they sell 1.2 million pairs of shoes a day!

‘ADIBOT’ chatbot: via in-app customer service chat, functionality that brands can add to their apps with myEinstein.

21st Century Fox

Industry: Entertainment

User story: Sales/Marketing

Featured products:

  • Sales Cloud
  • myLightning
  • Einstein Forecasting (Opportunities)
  • Finance System Integration
  • Live Apps/Living Documents (Quip)
  • Social Studio
  • Marketing Cloud (Journey Builder smart splits)

21st Century Fox are in motion, part of the ongoing movement from broadcasting to intelligence. Strengthening their exhibitor (cinema) relationships is always a top priority, but they have ambitions to reach and connect with their end consumers (movie-goers) – all 600 million of them! It’s a lot of data, but 21st Century Fox are committed to connecting to their customers.  This demo runs through how the classic CRM has been bent to fit their business model, and how it supports project management – claiming a 37% faster project completion.

The ‘GTS’ (Global Theatre System) – what the Salesforce CRM is known by internally, tailored to their specific business processes. 

Predictive Opportunity Forecast Heat-map, also bringing in 3rd party data. 

Quip for Project Management, including team collaboration on videos.

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder canvas, with ‘Einstein Persona Split’ activity; based on intelligent audience segmentation.

I really loved seeing how these demos were put together to show off a multitude of products. With the platform catalogue ever-expanding, it’s important that Salesforce show the cohesiveness of their tools and features empowering one another.

Stay tuned for more Dreamforce updates, coming soon once the chaos dies down!

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