Anypoint Flex Gateway: Quick Overview

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MuleSoft is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that organizations lean on to integrate an ever-growing number of platforms into their tech stack.

Anypoint Platform is MuleSoft’s main product offering. MuleSoft is pioneering Universal API Management – API inventories that aid shareability across development teams within the organization while simultaneously maintaining governance (such as security), especially when APIs are being created across different gateways, consoles, and platforms.

What is Anypoint Flex Gateway?

Anypoint Flex Gateway is an ultra-fast, lightweight gateway, that provides enterprise security and manageability across any API, environment, or architecture. This is one of two MuleSoft innovations that provide Universal API Management to organizations (alongside Anypoint API Governance).

Building APIs effectively is one part of the challenge – sharing APIs is the other part. Sharing APIs is key to empowering more individuals across the business to integrate themselves and alleviate pressures from development teams.

“In the race to automate, most organizations produce APIs at a rate that outpaces their ability to manage them”, explained Shaun Clowes (CPO, MuleSoft). “Different teams will often have their own tech stack, their own silos. With so many new and ongoing initiatives, engineering leaders have tough challenges to manage API sprawl.”

MuleSoft aim to support organizations to establish and maintain API inventories with governance, which is still rarely seen in most organizations.

Anypoint Flex Gateway was announced at the Trailblazer ’22 event, alongside other Anypoint platform innovations that will transform the developer experience. These all play a part in MuleSoft’s vision to become the #1 IDE an (integrated development environment).

What you’ve read only scrapes the surface – stay tuned for more in the coming months.

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