Add a Prospect to Engagement Studio Based on Lead Status

By Lucy Mazalon

Pardot Engagement Studio is perfect for running nurture campaigns with your Salesforce leads. How do you set up a lead nurture program in Pardot?

You would like prospects with a certain lead status to be added to the email nurture campaign which you’ve built out in Engagement Studio. Let’s take a look at the use case in more depth.

Add Leads to Engagement Studio Nurture

Let’s use a typical use case: leads with the status ’Nurture’ should join the Engagement Studio flow. This means that your sales team knows that they can change the lead status to indicate that they are neither actively working the lead and the lead isn’t disqualified or qualified – they are in that in-between stage, in limbo.

The first question to ask yourself: if a lead status changes to a different value, do you want the lead to stay in the Engagement program, or leave the campaign?

Your answer to this question will depend on how you choose the Pardot list and design your Engagement Studio program.

I’m going to show you how to do it where only the leads in a specified status stay in the Engagement Studio – so the prospect will remain in the Engagement Studio program until their status changes.

Step 1: Map ‘Lead Status’ Custom Field

Pardot doesn’t come with the ‘Lead Status’ field out of the box, so you will need to create a custom dropdown field in Pardot and map it to the Salesforce lead field.

Some things to note:

  1. With all mapped picklist/dropdown fields be aware that the field values could change in Salesforce. You need to check the “Keep this field’s type and possible values (for dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes) in sync with the CRM” checkbox to avoid the values not matching across platforms.
  2. To keep the values restricted to only the ones you define here (eg. data imports must respect these values), you need to check the “Use pre-defined values (for checkboxes, radio buttons, drop downs, and multi-selects)” checkbox.
  3. Keep Salesforce as the master for this field unless you have a reason for Pardot to change a prospect’s lead status (eg. if a form completion should move a lead into ‘open’ status).

Step 2: Create a Dynamic List

My intention here is for prospects with lead status nurture to be added to the Engagement Studio, and if their status changes, they should leave the program. The best way to achieve this is to create a dynamic list.

(if you wanted prospects to remain in the program until some other action removed them, such as an exit step, then you would use a normal static list).

Create a dynamic list with two rule criteria (match all):

Prospect custom field — Lead status — is — Nurture

Prospect CRM status — is — Lead

Step 3: Add List to Engagement Studio Start

When you’ve saved that list, head to Engagement Studio and add the list as a recipient list (highlighted below). When you activate the program, your leads in the nurture stage will begin flowing through the campaign.


The Author

Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is an 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.

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