Accelerating Your Path to Salesforce Onboarding Success

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So you’ve finally sealed the deal and brought Salesforce into your enterprise. Congrats! But this is no time to rest or relax. The honeymoon-onboarding stage is critical. At this phase of the relationship having the systems and processes in Salesforce to get sales and the post-sale management working in concert can make the difference between a happy client and lost business.

At TaskRay, we are hyper-focused on illuminating this onboarding stage. We live and breathe client success. Based on years of experience, here’s what we know a company needs to build out your processes in Salesforce to delight and retain clients after the sale and beyond.

Why This Stage is Key

From our experience, we know that the first few weeks your team is working with Salesforce is absolutely key to future success. It’s important for your clients to feel comfortable and supported, and it’s important for you to track and report how the whole onboarding process is going.

Say Hello To Smooth Handoffs

Within Salesforce, systems like TaskRay ensure your customers receive a consistently excellent onboarding experience that is visible to management. In addition to tracking task status and project performance, A system that facilitates transitions between teams—from sales to customer onboarding to customer success teams, helps to eliminate the bumps in the road. If you’re using Salesforce for your sales process and then hand off the client to customer success, using an onboarding platform that is also in Salesforce, notes, conversations, and relationship details can be accessed by everyone, which enables your team to create a seamless transition for your clients.

Steps to a Great Sales to Success Transition

Step 1: Lay out a clear, step-by-step “Go Live” roadmap

Determine the exact steps your team will need to take in order to ‘go live’ and realize time-to-value as quickly as possible. Be super-prescriptive! Err on the side of over-explaining. That way you don’t make any assumptions. Once you outline the steps and actions that need to be completed, put them into a team-friendly format and share your plans with all the appropriate stakeholders in Salesforce.

Step 2: Establish success milestones

Cast your memory back to your childhood. Way back to being handed the kids’ menu at Denny’s. Do you remember taking your generic brand crayon and starting from the endpoint of the maze and working your way backward to the start? In a sense, this is the same approach that works for mapping out the path to your onboarding success. Start from the endpoint and work backward to the present.

Identify your goal and then design the steps that will help you and your team arrive efficiently at your objective. Defining and illustrating for your clients what a successful launch looks like helps to set expectations and make progress clear.

How We Helped Toast Rock Their Onboarding

Toast is a TaskRay client. They provide restaurants with a management platform that combines point of sale, hardware, software, and payment processing with a suite of third-party integrations to help restaurateurs improve operations, grow revenue, and of course, delight guests.

Before TaskRay, Toast was managing and tracking customer onboarding projects using a single custom object in Salesforce, adding different fields along the way for customization. But with their company’s rapid growth, they needed a more sophisticated tool that could plug into the other technology they rely on to execute onboardings — like Salesforce Field Service Lightning and Cirrus Insight.

After evaluating several tools, Toast identified TaskRay as the customer onboarding solution that met both their requirements and price. TaskRay enabled them to migrate from their old process while keeping all of their data on the Salesforce platform.

TaskRay tasks help guide the Toast team through a set of onboarding activities, like kick-off calls, site surveys, menu build-outs, POS setup, and training. Toast also uses Salesforce Field Service Lightning to create onsite appointments and then create tasks in TaskRay to reflect the date and time of those appointments, keeping everything organized and on the platform.
While Toast’s customer onboarding timeline is driven by the customer needs, they’ve measured initial success on how many customers a customer onboarding team member can manage at a given time.
According to Matt Merola, “With TaskRay, workloads have been easier to manage and our customer onboarding team can manage more customers in a more structured way.”

We Help Do This One Super-Specific, Super-Important Thing

Some companies completely own the space they operate in. For example, you can’t talk about mini-golf, without mentioning Putt-Putt. You can’t discuss restaurant arcades without bringing up Dave & Busters. Have ghosts? There’s really only one service provider to call, right? Similarly, we throw high-powered klieg lights on this one, super-specific moment for any company that uses Salesforce.

Our solution includes absolutely everything a growing organization needs to onboard new customers and maximizes secondary revenue, on the Salesforce Platform.

Now What? Get You Some TaskRay

Sound interesting? It is, And we’ve only hit the highlights. If you want to find out more, sign up for our upcoming Overview Webinar. Can’t wait? Take a Test Drive of the platform here.

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