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5 Free Salesforce Add-Ons That Will Solve Admin Pains

By Tom Bassett

There are some aspects of Salesforce that are tricky for admins. To a user, these may seem like simple requests, but admins understand that Salesforce has its quirks.

Luckily, the AppExchange steps in to fill these gaps. Based on my real-life experiences of working with Salesforce customers, I’ve been involved with creating apps where there is room for improvement in Salesforce.

These free apps will give you the ability to convert Salesforce Leads automatically, convert Salesforce person accounts, re-run territory assignment rules, map contacts to their Experience Cloud users, and report on Salesforce license usage. Let’s dive in to each of these apps now:

1. Convert Salesforce Leads Automatically

As it says ‘on the tin’, the Auto Convert Lead app is capable of converting a Lead automatically based on record criteria. For example:

  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) has qualified the Lead so you’d like to convert it to an Opportunity straight away.
  • The customer has signed your terms of sale via DocuSign and you’d now like to progress to an Opportunity to discuss pricing.
  • A sales rep has marked it as “converted” without actually converting the record.

Why would you need this?

There could be multiple reasons why your organization wants prospective customers to move through the Lead lifecycle faster. The beauty of this solution is that it is adaptable to your business process in terms of fields or stages that should trigger a conversion.

Using the power of this Salesforce flow, you can configure this solution using clicks, not code.

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2. Convert Salesforce Person Accounts to Business Accounts

Person accounts are used to combine the Account and Contact objects to cater for B2C scenarios. When person accounts are enabled (when creating a new Account record), users have the option to create either a “Business Account” or a “Person Account”.

Out of the box, you cannot change a business account into a person account, a person account to a business account, or a Contact into a person account.

Why would you need this?

This plugs the gap of what is missing out of the box to convert a:

  • Person Account into a Business Account.
  • Contact into a Person Account.
  • Business Account into a Person Account.

This is an all-in-one Salesforce Flow solution that allows you to achieve this with just a few clicks – plus, we’ll guide you if there is anything stopping the conversion.

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3. Run Territory Assignment Rules Automatically

Enterprise Territory Management is used to assign regions to different territories based on your sales team splits.

For example, you could have a territory for Europe and another for the US with sales reps only able to see Accounts, Contact, and Opportunities for territories they are a part of.

Natively, you have territory assignment rules but these only trigger in certain situations and, as a result, may not run when you need them to!

Why would you need this?

This app can automatically re-run your rules based on certain account conditions. For example, you can re-run the territory assignment logic when the Account “billing country” is updated.

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4. Map Contacts to Experience Cloud by Trigg Digital

I’ve seen the same challenge time and time again, with multiple organizations using Experience Cloud (particularly in the retail sector)! Using Experience Cloud, your partner or customer contacts are related to users.

From a Contact record, you use actions to view the related user, enable the user, login as the user etc. but you have no ability to actually see what’s on the user record without clicking the button.

Why would you need this?

This provides a set of Contact fields – at that level you can see the following data from the linked user:

  • Experience Cloud User
  • User Active
  • User Email
  • User Last Login Date*
  • User Last Password Change*
  • User Matching Last Ran*
  • User Profile
  • User Role
  • User/Contact Email Mismatch

The package also includes sample reports and dashboards to get you started on analyzing your Experience Cloud contacts/users.

*will only be updated every time the matching is run

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5. Salesforce License Report by Trigg Digital

As someone who has been on a journey from ‘accidental admin’ to ‘accidental architect’, I know that reporting on license usage can be tricky.

Using company information can show you the high level usage but not the details of exactly who is using the assigned licenses.

Why would you need this?

Understanding license usage will ensure that your users are maximizing what’s available to them, while ensuring that your organization doesn’t waste money.

My app copies your Salesforce user licenses and permission set licenses to a custom object. Using license assignees, you can easily see who is consuming which Salesforce license at any given time.

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The majority of these apps are inspired by the retail and media customers I work with on a daily basis with Trigg, and they help to address some common challenges.

Some ideas have come to fruition via my work in the wider Salesforce community, but the goal of each solution is always the same: to help Salesforce Admins and users carry out their roles more efficiently.

If these solutions help you, please do leave us a review on the AppExchange against the relevant listing. And if you’d like to learn more about Trigg, you can reach out via

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