Why GetFeedback is the Best CX Solution for Salesforce

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Today’s consumers demand exemplary customer experience (CX). After all, 73% of U.S. consumers say that customer experience is a very important factor when making a purchasing decision.

And while companies have begun to recognize that it’s important to treat customers well, many continue to fall short. That’s why only 49% of U.S. consumers say companies provide a good customer experience today.  

What gives? Many companies don’t have the tools to truly improve customer experience. They want to make progress but struggle to measure essential CX metrics and lack the confidence to implement changes. Learning what customers really think remains a challenge.

Enter GetFeedback. We’re proud to be the #1-rated survey solution for Salesforce, but we’re more than a survey tool. Our mission is to demystify customer experience and simplify its process.

In this article, we’ll share our key features that help companies truly understand their customers and, in doing so, effortlessly deliver great customer experiences.

Our Top 3 Competitive Advantages

1. Ease-of-Use

GetFeedback was built to be easy to use, which is essential for customer-facing teams. Thanks to our out-of-the-box survey templates and built-in best practices, you can get up and running in minutes without needing to go through rigorous training or certification. Our major competitor, on the other hand, requires months of configuration and management to just get the ball rolling.

We also provide the broadest suite of built-in omnichannel distribution channels and reporting. This means you can easily reach and listen to your customers on the channels that work for them.

2. Right-Sized

At GetFeedback, we know customer feedback programs aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we’re built to help businesses measure the metrics that matter to them.

Other CX solutions are built for much more complex needs with overbuilt costly features that most companies won’t ever use. With GetFeedback, you can roll out the surveys you want, without complexities. In other wordswe give you all the features you need, and none of the features you don’t (which also means you only pay for what you need).

Our features also allow you to collect more CX dataGetFeedback enables you to build surveys that are visually appealing, customizable to match your brand, and optimized for mobile. These are surveys your audience wants to take. Our customers have seen an increase in response rates which gives them better data to measure their key metrics. For instance, by leveraging GetFeedback’s survey builder, BRP, a family of powersport brands sees a survey completion rate of 94%.

3. Seamlessly Integrate With Salesforce

We’ve always believed in the importance of taking action on real-time feedback. That’s why we provide easy seamless integration with Salesforce (and why we’re the #1-rated survey solution for Salesforce).

GetFeedback’s core Salesforce integration features custom mapping of survey responses to any standard or custom object/field in Salesforce. In comparison, if you check out our major competitor, you’ll find that their Salesforce integration is rigid and manual, requiring professional services for setup.

And because GetFeedback is a connected app (no managed package), you can map survey data exactly where you want it instead of being forced to keep it in a specific object within Salesforce. With this data strategy, your feedback data can truly sit right alongside your customer data.

Along with our core Salesforce integration we’ve built strategic omnichannel integrations into other digital channels: Salesforce Chat, Messaging, Communities, SMS, and other email marketing platforms. This is to make sure that you can distribute personalized surveys across any major channel, ultimately delivering a better customer experience.  

GetFeedback offers a CX advantage

When it comes to offering a great customer experience, you need software that supports your efforts. That’s why many businesses are turning to GetFeedback.

We help brands measure how their customers feel about them and understand why they feel that way. And with our strategic integrations to key Salesforce products, we make it easy to take immediate action on this critical feedback.  

GetFeedback focuses on innovative, easy solutions that work. We believe that simple is always better.


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