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Top 10 Salesforce Apps for Sales Users

By Ben Asfaha

At a time when tech companies are being rocked by layoffs and budgets are being restricted, there is no doubt that anyone in a customer-facing B2B role has a challenging time ahead. Inflation is at a record high, and it feels like the easy money era for tech start-ups is fast coming to an end.

Thankfully, the Salesforce ecosystem is rich in native applications to help turn your Salesforce org into your next sales engine – setting you into a virtuous circle of increased adoption, better data enrichment, and improved productivity. Here are the top ten Salesforce apps for data enrichment to help you drive success.

The Importance of Providing the Right Tools

Organizations must drive improvements while saving costs and finding new ways to engage and meet their buyers’ expectations. What does this mean for Salesforce customers and their sellers, I hear you ask? Though they are using what is arguably the best CRM in the world, improving usage and achieving data quality is still a challenge.

Most sales organizations and sellers rely on external third-party tools (I am looking at you Sales engagement platforms!) to prospect, research, gain insights, and engage with their customers in meaningful ways. While these tools have varying levels of integration they take your sellers outside Salesforce to perform their job, meaning that adoption, usage levels, data enrichment, and quality can suffer as a result.

This is all the more relevant today as one-way customers can drive immediate improvements while reducing costs to consolidate their existing Salesforce investment and drive more value from their CRM platform.

What if you could keep your sales users on the platform? Provide your team with the tools they need – from research to sales insights, sales engagement to productivity hacks, your users should be able to perform their jobs effectively within the Salesforce interface. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Squivr

Available on AppExchange

Squivr’s native org chart and sales playbook tool for Salesforce helps sales professionals understand their prospects’ relationships to drive more sales. Org chart is a dynamic way of strategically arranging and organizing hierarchy, decision-making ability, and buying roles of an organization. Users can upsell and cross-sell with easy use of descriptive charts.

When it comes to renewing subscriptions and follow-ups, visualize this in the form of milestones and tasks. Forecast risk and predict timelines using Gantt charts with a playbook tool.

Why do you need it?

Ever been in Salesforce looking at hundreds of contacts and not sure how they relate to each other? With this app, you can create a visualization of who reports to who, and how they feel towards your product.

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2. Showpad

Available on AppExchange

Showpad is a comprehensive revenue enablement technology that provides every customer-facing team with the required content and tools to have differentiating, impactful conversations with buyers and customers.

Showpad focuses on sales content management, sales readiness, sales effectiveness, and buyer engagement.

Why do you need it?

Having an entire customer-facing team using the same collateral (i.e. presentation, quotes, etc.) can be a challenge; getting the whole team working on the same template can be a game-changer, especially when onboarding new team members.

3. PipeLaunch

Available on AppExchange

PipeLaunch accelerates the prospecting process and enables sales teams to spend all their time doing what they do best – selling.

With PipeLaunch, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) data will be automatically uploaded to Salesforce from prospects’ LinkedIn profiles (and other data sources), including all relevant, up-to-date contact details, company news, and even what technologies they are using – no more need for CTRL V.

The added bonus is their Chrome Extension; say goodbye to manually typing information from LinkedIn (and other sites) into Salesforce.

Why do you need it?

PipeLaunch looks at Ideal Customer Profiles and brings all information into Salesforce with the click of one button, saving sales teams multiple hours of research and data entry. Drive Salesforce usage and improve data enrichment by keeping your salespeople’s prospects in Salesforce.

4. Salesforce Inbox

Available on AppExchange

Salesforce Inbox is a productivity tool to integrate Salesforce with emails, such as Outlook and Gmail. It views and works with Salesforce data, creates records, and logs emails and events back to Salesforce, all directly in Inbox. It extends the power of the Salesforce platform, bringing email, calendar, and CRM together in one seamless experience.

Some features include updating CRM data in real-time, selling smarter from the Inbox and making it easy to sell from anywhere. Automate your work with templates and personalized email messaging which will streamline prospect outreach. You can also schedule hard-to-get meetings faster by sharing calendars directly with customers.

Why do you need it?

With Salesforce Inbox, you can increase the velocity at which you interact with the most popular business communication method – email. With this app, you can arrange meetings without having to look up calendars, use templates and, even better, see how recipients interact with your emails.

5. Tuvis (formerly Whatslly)

Available on AppExchange

Tuvis connects WhatsApp and Salesforce while helping companies improve customer experience on 1-1 WhatsApp chats with agents. It provides agents with an agent panel to view customers’ known details in real-time, instantly run joint operations, and copy the chat into the CRM. Tuvis helps boost agents’ productivity, letting common agent actions in one click, from creating new leads, reviewing contacts’ data, and sending emails to copying chat into Salesforce, directly from the WhatsApp chats.

Why do you need it?

Whilst it is mainly used for service use cases, this can be a great add-on to get your WhatsApp conversations straight into Salesforce with one click as it connects with your favorite CRM.

6. Geopointe

Available on AppExchange

When it comes to sales and territory management, Geopointe could be a great help. You can effortlessly plan a trip around a big meeting and quickly find nearby Accounts, Opportunities, and Leads or partners to make your trip as productive and efficient as possible. With Geopointe’s routing tool, you can identify where your targets reside on the map, then use the routing and optimization capabilities to create more targeted routes and visit more clients daily.

It’s a great help to plan a day for sure.

Why do you need it?

Whilst there seems to be a trend of salespeople spending less time traveling, it is still crucial to maximize their time in the field. Geopointe will look at the regions you are traveling to and help you optimize the time in front of the customer. The best part? It is all based on Salesforce data.

7. FunnelSource

Available on AppExchange

FunnelSource is the native Salesforce application for tracking quota attainment, managing pipeline, and delivering accurate forecasts from a single pane of glass.

It gives sales leaders the insights needed to manage proactively, while giving sales reps intuitive data visualizations that allow them to work efficiently – holding them accountable for every deal in the pipeline.

Why do you need it?

Forecasting is the ‘bread and butter’ of any business, enabling the company to plan future spending or funding cycles. With FunnelSource, you can ensure the team uses the same structure when forecasting and ultimately increase the accuracy of the forecast.

8. Conga

Available on AppExchange

Conga is built for enterprises that are digitally transforming their revenue operations. Its predictive CPQ solution and document generation empower sales, partners, and customers to configure complex products and services, deliver accurate quotes, and create smarter deals.

Conga works efficiently even with complex processes. There are additional advantages such as quote collaboration across teams with audit trails, integrated configuration calculations, and true margin visibility, as well as price waterfall and cost analysis.

Why do you need it?

Depending on your role, you might be writing hundreds of quotes and sales presentations a year. With Conga, you can generate Excel, PDFs, and even PowerPoint presentations in a very intuitive way. No need to keep multiple data points up to date when you can do it all in Salesforce and export it in any format you want.

9. Scratchpad

Available as a Chrome extension

Scratchpad is a solution that truly consolidates the tools sales teams use within a single, unified revenue team workspace instantly connected to Salesforce. This includes spreadsheets, task managers, chat, deal collaboration, sales notes, and pipeline management.

Using Scratchpad is as easy as using a spreadsheet, which instantly reflects changes in your Salesforce org.

Why do you need it?

If you are tired of Salesforce uploading a single record, this might be your solution. Without being directly on Salesforce, you can mass update Salesforce records through a Google Chrome extension.

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10. DocuSign

Available in AppExchange

Last but not least, once the deal is closed and when it’s time to take a step ahead with the documentation part, DocuSign can help you send agreements directly to Salesforce contacts or specific email addresses. You can even include messages, reminders, and authentication options. Signed documents and signer-provided data are automatically written back to Salesforce.

Why do you need it?

Have you ever sent a PDF quote to a customer who does not have a printer at home? Imagine being able to send a quote via email for the customer to sign on the phone or by clicking a button in seconds. The Salesforce integration will then upload the document and update the record.


When evaluating AppExchange apps to help your sales team, the first step is to make sure the solution is in line with your goals i.e. cost reduction, productivity gains, lead generation, etc. Always speak to the provider before buying and make sure the solution will help you achieve these goals. Also, consider how easy they are to implement when making a decision

Don’t forget that sales teams are an expensive resource. The more you automate, the more time sales teams will have to do what they do best – sell.

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