Time For Your Trailhead Spring Clean? Trailhead Login & Account Merge

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The Trailhead team has been busy releasing new certifications and making improvements already this year. The latest Trailhead enhancement is a brand new Trailhead login + signup experience, launched a couple of weeks ago.

You may have noticed that now when accessing trailhead you are prompted with this screen:

Hang on, what’s Trailhead?

…For anyone new to Trailhead, it’s a fun (and free) way to learn Salesforce – an online platform provided by Salesforce to give access to learn about the technology and build a career in this awesome ecosystem. Anyone can create an account and learn, it’s that simple!

Now, with great power comes great responsibility. As we all know, duplicates are a major headache, and every organisation wants to avoid them. This change comes to enhance each one of our profiles, whilst helping Salesforce in collecting and verifying information – in other words, improving data quality and deduping Trailhead profiles.

Multiple Trailhead Accounts

Why would you have multiple Trailhead accounts in the first place?

There are few reasons for that, let me shed light on some common reasons I have encountered so far. People could have used their internal login for doing trails, then moved on to another company, or accidentally used a different dev org (as some of us may hold more than one from before the Playgrounds existed). It’s so quick to get started on Trailhead that accidentally creating accounts is an easy thing to do!

Why Should You Merge?

One of the benefits this enhancement brings is the ‘single sign on’ option from your email provider, meaning you can login through your email account instead. If your Trailhead profile has not been verified for first time, you will be required to enter in a one-time password that has been sent to your email.

Trailhead will take you through a series of screens to complete your profile, select your unique personal Trailhead URL and a recovery option:

Another enhancement with this update is the “auto-merging of Trailhead accounts”, you will be prompted to do this when there are multiple accounts attached to the same email address, like below:

If you do need more reasons, I’ll give you the obvious one: keep all your badges, points etc within one account so that you can easily recognised for all your hard work in Trailhead across multiple accounts. Remember to link it into your profile of the trailblazer community, a nice showcase of your doings blazing trails!

Summary: Spring Clean Now

Go to trailhead.salesforce.com and login, the simple wizard will take you through the process. If any burning questions on these changes? Check out the Trailhead Login and Signup FAQs to learn more.
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