The Salesforce DevOps Periodic Table

By Vernon Keenan

The massive subject of managing Salesforce enterprise application delivery has a new label — Salesforce Devops. At we have been mapping and categorizing the vendor-based and free open-source Salesforce DevOps tools and solutions.

Now, to help you formulate your own Salesforce DevOps solution, Ben McCarthy of SalesforceBen and I have teamed up to create the Periodic Table of Salesforce DevOps Companies.

Solution Categories

Here are the categories used to organize the companies. Several companies and projects who offer a complete Salesforce DevOps solution appear in multiple categories.

  • Repository Management – These companies have Salesforce-specific source code management solutions.
  • Release Management – The complex process of using repositories to deploy new releases to your Salesforce org is supported by these companies.
  • Cybersecurity – These companies let you integrate application security features directly into your development pipeline.
  • Data Backup & Recovery – These companies help you backup your org’s data and to integrate backup processes into your devops pipelines.
  • Profile Management – These companies offer another key utility in devops pipelines: the ability to copy and manage profiles.
  • Data Transformation – These companies offer export, translate and load (ETL) tooling and the ability to integrate data ingest and export into your devops pipelines.
  • Testing Tools – Testing is a multi-layered concern, and these companies help you use modern methods to increase app delivery reliability.
  • Sandbox Management – These companies offer advanced Salesforce sandbox management features, including data masking and managing privacy concerns.
  • Observability – These companies support the use of metrics, incident management, and graphical analysis for application performance management.
  • Pipeline Orchestration – These companies offer a “command server” which runs on Salesforce or a cloud native application which manages the execution of processes that perform release management and other devops functions.
  • Engineering Services – These are companies who, in addition to offering software services, have professional services practices for devops system development.
  • Application Management Lifecycle – These are the companies who make tools used to manage software teams.
  • Value Stream Management – These companies offer advanced management technology using value stream management, which is helpful for managing multiple projects in larger enterprises. 

The Author

Vernon Keenan

Vernon is a Senior Industry Analyst at SalesforceDevops.Net.

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