Secure your Org with Salesforce Health Check

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Org security should be one of the most important topics on any Admins radar, but unfortunately can get left behind ahead of the awesome business process improvement. Although Salesforce offers one of the most secure cloud platforms in the market, user error can always be apparent. There are still a bunch of settings and parameters that Administrators can enable and change to ensure that you protect your users and their data, and keep up with the industry standard.

To help you with this, Salesforce brought out the Health Check tool. Focussing on Org Security, the Health Check app scans your instance of Salesforce and compares your security settings to that of the Salesforce & Industry standard.


The Tool

As you can see from the above screenshot, the Health check tool compares your org against Salesforce Baseline Standards. It provides you with a detailed report of the issue, the difference in setting, and a quick link to edit it. It splits the risks into three categories, High & Medium-Risk, along with the settings that meet the requirement. The type of recommendations you can find are..

Password Policies

Session Settings

Network Access

One of the best things about the Health Check tool? You can fix all these settings to the recommended Base Line in a few clicks. By clicking the “Fix Risks” button, you will be able to adjust each recommended High & Medium risk setting by checking a box. This is something you definitely do not want to do blindly, as each Org is different and you may have a setting turned on/off for a specific reason.

The Health Check tool isn’t just for one off uses either. As the world around us innovates at an exhilarating speed, so does the need for extra security measures. The tool will adjust and change based on whatever Salesforce and the Industry deem to be the appropriate baseline. So make sure you stop by regularly to give your security settings and industry level tune up!

To access Health Check, navigate to Setup>Security Controls>Health Check

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