Salesforce Launches Net Zero Marketplace for Carbon Credits

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Earlier this year, Salesforce announced they would be adding sustainability as a fifth core value. This has been introduced to highlight the seriousness of tackling climate change within Salesforce, while helping organizations to accelerate their own journeys.

Salesforce have now announced a first-of-its-kind carbon credit marketplace, which aims to empower any organization to take action on their journey to “net zero”.

Net Zero Marketplace

Carbon credits provide a way for individuals, or companies, to offset their carbon emissions. Each credit represents one ton of carbon, with the proceeds going to projects combating climate change. These projects are commonly in the agricultural or forestry sectors, and work to replant trees or restore forests.

Powered by the Commerce Cloud, the Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace will connect buyers and ecopreneurs, offering a catalog of projects alongside a seamless e-commerce experience for purchasing them. The marketplace will launch with 90 projects in 11 countries, with millions of credits available across innovators such as Pachama and South Pole.

Part of the problem with offsetting carbon emissions is finding the projects, and then verifying the quality of the carbon credit – two of the challenges Salesforce seek to eliminate with the Net Zero Marketplace. Salesforce have partnered with Calyx Global and Slyvera, both of which will provide the third-party validation and verification of these 90 projects.

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The marketplace will aggregate projects and publish transparent, third-party ratings to enable you to make informed decisions.

“Partnering with Salesforce to create this Marketplace will turbocharge climate action and empower every company – large and small – to take responsibility for its emissions. We are proud to provide high-quality offsets to clients who understand the value of compensating for their impact on the environment. There is no time to waste, let’s take action today.” – Renat Heuberger, CEO, South Pole

Net Zero Marketplace will be available for carbon credit purchases in the United States
from October 2022, and will be expanding to additional markets in 2023.


With Salesforce making sustainability a core value, they are focussing more of their efforts to enable their customers to reach their net-zero goals.

Alongside the Net Zero Marketplace, Salesforce also has the Net Zero Cloud to help their customers better track their impact on the environment.

I’m sure that, in releases to come, we will see tight integration between Net Zero Cloud and Marketplace, enabling organizations to seamlessly (or perhaps automatically) offset their carbon footprint.

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