Salesforce Launches Code Builder – New Developer Productivity Tools

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Salesforce will launch three new developer productivity and DevOps tools to enable Salesforce Developers to build and deploy custom developed solutions faster. Salesforce recognise that its customers need sturdy development tools to facilitate agile delivery in their projects to extend their Salesforce org to specific business needs.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in the Salesforce DevOps space, when the tools will become generally available, and the advantages of using these new Salesforce development tools. First up: Code Builder.

1. Code Builder

Introducing Code Builder: “a must-have developer tool for anyone building on the Salesforce Platform. With Code Builder, Salesforce developers get the best of both worlds — a web-based environment for developing wherever they are and all the productivity-boosting tools that make building apps on the Salesforce Platform faster and easier”, said Wade Wegner, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Salesforce.

Built on Microsoft’s Visual Studio Codespaces, Code Builder is a full-featured version of Visual Studio Code running completely in the browser.

It enables the developers to build applications on the Salesforce Platform, including Salesforce Extensions, the Salesforce CLI, Git integration, by authenticating to current Salesforce org.

No setup & configuration is required. The most striking feature about the code builder is that it’s powered by its own virtual machine!

Available: immediately in pilot.

2. Salesforce Functions

Salesforce Functions is a service that lets developers write code that integrates with data and events on the Salesforce Platform and run it on-demand with an elastic scale in a serverless environment.

Available: immediately in pilot.

3. DevOps Center

Admins can build against source control, collaborate better with programmatic developers, release apps faster with modern workflows like continuous integration and delivery.

Available: available later in 2020.

Advantages of using new Salesforce Development Tools

Build Lightning Fast from Anywhere:

Instead of constraining engineers to switch between numerous tools during the development procedure, Code Builder brings the entirety of the must-have tools at one place like code completion, powerful debuggers, and integrated source control. It can be launched from the organization right in the browser to provide immediate access to tooling that streamlines app building, like Salesforce extensions to Visual Studio Code and the Salesforce CLI, along with features like SOQL Query Builder.

Deliver Connected Experiences with Elastic Scale:

To accelerate app building, developers have the flexibility to innovate using languages they already know, such as Node.js, Java, and Apex while using Salesforce Functions. Admins can extend business processes by calling Functions directly from the existing Apex code.

Fast forward Deployment with Release Management:

DevOps Center allows organizations to focus on release velocity by simplifying how apps are progressed through the development cycle from beginning to launch. This aide in boosting the speed and quality of deployments.

More information about these development tools and others were revealed at the TrailheadDX 2020 conference which took place on the June 25th. Check out these other amazing new features that were announced…

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