Process Builder Now Included In Professional Edition

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overview Attention Salesforce Professional Edition Users: Have you noticed yet? You have Process Builder! Professional Edition users can now create up to 5 Processes due to an update by Salesforce on their editions a couple of months ago. Process Builder takes WorkFlow to a whole new level; it’s essentially a giant if-then statement. With Process Builder, users can create multiple workflows in one process, like “if an opportunity meets a certain threshold, then send an email to the customer, then 5 days later create Accounts Receivable, and so on and so forth.”

One Process Builder can automate nearly everything on an account. With excellent point-and-click efficiency, all users have to do is keep adding to the chain of a process. This upgrade adds immense value because, with Process Builder, users are now able to automate processes that they could not before, making them more proactive in accomplishing tasks, almost immediately, without the previous limitations. Professional Edition users can now automate tasks, like:


? Posting to Chatter

? Creating a Record

? Updating a Record

? Scheduling and sending Email Alerts

? Utilizing Quick Actions

To be a powerful business, you need powerful tools. Process Builder is an extremely powerful Salesforce tool for increasing productivity and automating tasks within your organization.

Here are 5 valuable tasks to automate in Process Builder straight from our Vision-e clients:

1) Approval processes. When an opportunity hits a specific stage and dollar amount, trigger an approval process to the Sales Director.

2) Flows. Flows can do all sorts of things that traditionally would have taken code to do, such as lookup records, find records, etc.

3) Date/ Time Stamps. Have a date field for each stage of the sales process. Each time the stage changes, stamp the appropriate field. This task can now be reported on, so you know exactly how long opportunities sit in each stage.

4) Price Updates. Update sales prices on an opportunity product based upon a cost and markup.

5) Almost anything! Update multiple fields on an object, send scheduled emails on multiple days into the future, create tasks for record owners, scan business cards and follow-up with automated marketing campaigns…. all based on one criteria within a single Process.

To find out more about the Salesforce Process Builder and how to use it, why not try the associated Trailhead module, Automating Basic Business Processes with Process Builder.



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