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PRM for Slack: Transform Partner Management in Salesforce

By Anna Babur

PRM for Slack is one of the new fantastic features introduced in the Salesforce Summer ’23 release. It is designed for sales teams to help them boost productivity and efficiency by optimizing processes and saving them valuable time.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into this new feature, explaining what it is and demonstrating how it helps sales teams in their sales routine.

What Is PRM for Slack App and How Does It Work?

PRM for Slack is a software solution designed for companies that use Salesforce CRM and rely on joint sales with their partners.

Connected to the Salesforce Sales Cloud environment and a partner portal, it allows for real-time collaboration between the vendors and their partners in one shared space – Slack. By facilitating collaboration on leads, deals, and opportunities, as well as optimizing communication and information sharing, the app significantly improves a partner co-selling experience and increases sales.

Basically, the app brings together the internal sales team and the partners in one channel providing access to all important information, allowing for the allocation and updating of records, distributing leads, registering and closing deals, sending for approvals, sharing marketing assets, and much more… keeping all teams on one page, all within Slack!

What Is Possible With PRM for Slack?

  • Real-time collaboration on all sales processes and operations – all within Slack, from any device, no matter where you are.
  • Records search and posting on partner channels in Slack directly from Salesforce.
  • Partner channels setup and management either in Salesforce Lightning Experience or Slack. Please note that all partners associated with an account are added to the channels automatically.
  • Faster process of qualifying leads and closing deals thanks to the Lead and Opportunity Scoring feature.
  • The creation and implementation of partner strategies through the partner portal using established Salesforce permissions.
  • Easy collaboration on deals and leads thanks to the process automation built on AI-powered knowledge.

How Does It Work?

So, how are all the records and information shared?

PRM for Slack app is built on Slack Connect, which means that the channels inside Slack can be created with users outside the vendor’s workspace. So the vendor can easily connect its workspace with the partner’s workspaces. Then, the vendor links PRM for Slack to its Salesforce account; meanwhile, partner users connect the app to their partner portal. With these connections in place, all data is shared between the vendor and its partners.

General Considerations to Keep in Mind

Before starting with the PRM for Slack app, please keep in mind the following requirements and restrictions.

Required editions:

  • Lightning Experience with Salesforce for Slack Integrations enabled
  • Enterprise and Unlimited Editions with Salesforce for Slack Integrations enabled
  • Slack Enterprise Grid

Setting up and configuring:

  1. To use PRM for Slack app, you’ll need to set it up and configure it in both your Salesforce and Slack accounts.
  2. To start with the app, the vendor must be a Salesforce PRM customer and have a Slack Enterprise Grid edition. Partner users require Partner Community licenses.
  3. Enable the PRM for Slack in the Initial Slack Setup.
  4. All the partners need to have a Slack workplace set to use the PRM for Slack app. In case partners aren’t existing Slack customers, they can create a free Slack workspace and connect it to the vendor’s space. Please note that this is possible only if the vendor’s Enterprise Grid permits connections to free workspaces.


PRM for Slack is a game-changer for partner relationship management in Salesforce. It significantly facilitates collaboration between the partners, streamlines sales operations, and helps to build successful partnerships, ensuring effective processes that increase channel sales.

The Author

Anna Babur

Anna is the Head of Marketing at Advanced Communities, a company specializing in providing strategic implementation, managed services, and AppExchange apps for Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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