My First Dreamforce

By Lauren Metcalf

Everyone in the community knows that Dreamforce is the biggest event on the Salesforce calendar. This year it was held in a hybrid format, with around 40,000 people attending in person and 150,000 online.

The Salesforce Ben team attended in both ways; some were on the ground networking in San Francisco, and others watched online while holding the fort at home in the UK. Here are a few of our highlights (as well as a lot of photos!).

Lauren Westwood

Lauren is the Content Manager at Salesforce Ben and looks after our Expert Author program.

My Experience

“We’re always listening out for new voices to join our conversations at SFB. I loved meeting various personas from the ecosystem at Dreamforce; from architects to marketers, everyone had such different insights and backgrounds, but all showed a real passion for what they do, especially when sharing their wisdom with the community.

“It was lovely to see some familiar faces too – I had a chance to catch up with some of our wonderful expert authors, as well as team mates who live in different parts of the world.”

Memorable Moments

“The whole event whizzed by in a blur! I wish I’d taken stock at the time, but that’s Dreamforce for you – a lot of people said the same thing before we headed out, but nothing prepares you for the scale or the speed!

“However, there were definitely some standout moments… finally getting to meet virtual connections in person, hosting our Tiki Paradise Party, and seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at Dreamfest! From a tourist’s perspective, it was great to explore San Francisco. Highlights include seeing (and hearing!) the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf and hanging off the side of a cable car as we zoomed up and down the hilly streets!”

Lottie McCarthy

Lottie is the Accounts Manager at Salesforce Ben and manages sponsorships for the site.

My Experience

“After two years of limited face-to-face events and working from home, it was really nice to finally meet some of our sponsors in person at Dreamforce. We speak to our sponsors regularly over email and calls, but it’s much better to see them in person.”

Memorable Moments

“For me, the highlight was meeting all of our lovely readers. It was so great to be able to put faces to the audience numbers we see on our website. It was also my first time at Dreamforce – definitely an experience I will never forget!”

Julia Solis

Julia is the Marketing Manager at Salesforce Ben and organized our Dreamforce Tiki Party.

My Experience

“It was certainly fun to dust off my event planning thinking cap! This is the first year Salesforce Ben has thrown a Dreamforce party (in collaboration with Third Republic) and the response from our audience was off the charts!

“The party took place at Zombie Village; a cool, Polynesian-themed bar located in the heart of San Francisco. With a special appearance from ‘Mystic Maz’, everyone had a night to remember. We cannot wait to come back bigger and better for Dreamforce 2023!”

Memorable Moments

“Where to begin! It may sound like I’m parroting what every single Dreamforce newtimer says each year, but the whole week went by in a flash.

“Being in front of the camera and getting to speak to so many different Trailblazers was one of my favorite highlights. Being recognized as an SFB member by strangers helps us realize how important and far-reaching this site really is.”

Lauren Metcalf — Me!

I am the Content Marketing Coordinator at Salesforce Ben.

My Experience

I attended Dreamforce from home and, given how much of a newbie I am to the ecosystem, I really surprised myself by how excited I was to watch some Dreamforce content on Salesforce+. Though I was unsure of what to expect, I knew – despite my limited experience – that it would be inspiring. Even through the screen, I could feel the enthusiasm of the Trailblazers, and the love that everyone has for the Salesforce platform, as well as the community.

Though my Dreamforce experience involved a whole lot less networking than my teammates, I got to see so many more sessions (due to travel time), and it was a great way to learn more about the ethos of Salesforce. Plus, I got to attend while snuggled under a blanket with a cup of tea and my dog – the perfect Dreamforce if you ask me!

Memorable Moments

Hearing all of the Trailblazer stories and how Salesoforce impacts individuals. Dreamforce made me realize that I am part of something amazing, encouraging me to continue learning and thriving in this environment.


Everyone’s Dreamforce experience was different (even at SFB and we’re on the same team!) but that’s what makes the event so special. No matter your interests, experience, or background, everyone is welcome in this community, and I think that this year’s hybrid Dreamforce illustrated that beautifully.

I know we are all looking forward to future Salesforce events. How about you?

The Author

Lauren Metcalf

Lauren is Content & Services Delivery Lead at Salesforce Ben.

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