Maximising Salesforce Usage & Data with 2 Killer App’s

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If you’re among the thousands of clients struggling to drive user adoption, you know firsthand how lost ROI and poor sales data accuracy can make your life a nightmare.

The purpose of this post is two highlight two App Exchange products proven to enhance Salesforce adoption, usage and accuracy, while getting the most out of your SFDC performance data.

The two products, Salesvue and Ambition, are announcing a partnership to optimize SFDC. Here’s a walkthrough of how each works:


Salesvue is an efficiency-driven SFDC platform that streamlines workflow, automated SFDC data input, syncs sales with marketing and simplifies the onboarding process.

In essence, Salesvue takes your Salesforce data and creates a clear, linear to-do lists of daily activities for your users. Once your user has completed each activity, he or she can make quick notes of how the event went, and it automatically gets updated in Salesforce.



Salesvue preaches a “Math of Sales” philosophy that reduces forecasting and success to a simple equation for admin and managers. And users love it, too, including our own Sales Development Reps here at Ambition.


A final cool aspect of Salesvue, it automatically generates advanced metrics such as pipeline growth acceleration and deal flow efficiency, which is great for testing and refining your sales process.

All told, the combination of advanced analytics, streamlined workflow and SFDC automation make Salevue a great value-add for getting maximum SFDC usage and data accuracy.


The second Salesforce App, Ambition, is a powerful platform that improves sales team transparency, productivity and onboarding by capturing real-time data, then scoring user performance based on the company’s chosen metrics.

Found by the Harvard Business Review to create “stunning boosts in productivity for sustained periods of time” for users at Clayton Homes, Ambition visualizes each user’s real-time performance on TV Leaderboards and individual Ambition profiles, using their SFDC data.



The platform also allows for head-to-head or team-based sales competitions, based on SFDC metrics of the company’s choosing, and can also incorporate data from third-party phone systems and other Salesforce apps like Yesware.


Other Ambition features, such as its Reports Scheduler and Insights tool make it easy for Salesforce Admin to automate exception reporting for quick and easy insights into SFDC usage, onboarding progress and daily successes.

Prospective users can take a look at the full Ambition product on this interactive demo. Ambition is a great tool for SFDC clients who want real-time data transparency and healthy, competitive culture driving their SFDC adoption and usage.


The partnership between Salesvue and Ambition is a concerted effort to triangulate and crush any/all issues with SFDC adoption, usage and data accuracy. The products are already being used in tandem by the likes of SmartBear, whose SVP of Global Sales, Mike McGuiness, has found proven value in adopting both products:

“Smartbear is excited about the new partnership between Salesvue and Ambition. We are big believers in the Salesvue ‘Math of Sales’ analytics and with Ambition’s leaderboard solution everyone can easily visualize these metrics in real time across the sales team.”

For more info on Ambition and Salesvue, check out their websites or visit their respective App Exchange pages, listed below. Good luck to your sales team moving forward and keep fighting the good fight to achieve maximum adoption, usage and data accuracy.


Salesvue on the App Exchange.

Ambition on the App Exchange.

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