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Introducing Trailblazer Stamps – Salesforce Event Attendance Awards

By Lauren Metcalf

Everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem loves an award. Whether it’s badges, Trailhead ranking, or even swag – Trailblazers want to collect them all! And now there’s a new feature of Trailhead to get excited about…

Salesforce have launched Trailblazer Stamps, a virtual award to celebrate the community’s engagement at events. Here’s what we know about them so far.

What Are Trailblazer Stamps?

Trailblazer Stamps are Salesforce’s new ‘virtual award’, given to Trailblazers that have attended Salesforce events. These event-specific stamps will display on your Trailblazer profile, with different designs depending on the event you visited.

As your Trailblazer profile acts as your Salesforce CV, Trailblazer Stamps will help to show the experiential learning you have obtained – something that hasn’t been recognized officially until now. 

Attending events can be daunting for some. As a relative newbie to the ecosystem, I was petrified about attending my first event, but the skills I got out of it, both technical and interpersonal, were invaluable. These stamps will denote that experience, while showing that you are up to date with Salesforce news and are active in the community.

Source: Salesforce

How Do You Get a Trailblazer Stamp?

As usual with Salesforce, getting a Trailblazer Stamp is easy. Stamps will simply show up on your Trailblazer profile automatically after you have attended a Salesforce event – whether in person or online on Salesforce+

Trailblazer Stamps are a great way to keep a log of all the events you have been to around the world – acting like an online souvenir. However, it seems as though these will only show for Salesforce hosted events, such as Dreamforce, World Tours, TrailblazerDX, etc. (not for community events).

Also, there is no log of the previous events you have attended, so the first stamp available for you to obtain is from this year’s Dreamforce


Salesforce are renowned for how they have democratized the learning of the platform, and with Trailblazer Stamps they have created a new way for you to display your experience. These awards will show which events you have attended (starting from Dreamforce ‘23), and will also provide a great log for Trailblazers to keep track of their event history. 

We wonder who will have the most Trailblazer Stamps by the end of the year…

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