Introducing Einstein Voice – now we’re really talking AI!

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Salesforce have spread the word about their new offering: Einstein Voice’. This new conversational AI technology joins the growing Einstein brand, Salesforce’s AI-driven product suite. In true Salesforce fashion, the announcement has been made only days before Dreamforce – no doubt this will get people inside, and outside of, the industry talking!

What it is.

Einstein Voice brings conversational AI to the Salesforce platform. Conversational AI makes conversations between humans and computers seamless. We are seeing with voice-activated AI increasingly in our lives – think Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri…these are artificial ‘assistants’ that can process actions based on your voice commands.


Voice, as a medium, is taking the world by storm, and reshaping how consumers want to interact with brands.

Ask yourself, could you get more instantaneous than voice? What comes more natural than speaking in natural language? Salesforce is placing this technology in a) your employees’ hands and b) within your own consumers’ reach. Here’s how…

What it will do.

As I mentioned above, the Einstein Voice technology will benefit your enterprise both internally (users) and externally (customers).

Einstein Voice takes shape as two products:

1. Einstein Voice Assistant:

TechCrunch hit the nail on the head: sales people spend their days talking! Updating Salesforce shouldn’t chain these smooth-talkers to a keyboard when talking is what they do (as we say in the UK, ‘gift of the gab’), and tedious CRM updates are what they avoid.

By verbally dictating meeting notes and misc memos, information will be logged sooner, and be richer. With constant machine learning at play, the assistant will pick up words and phrases specific to your org (yes, finally someone can decipher your internal jargon!). And it won’t just be dumping transcribed text into task / event ‘comments’; Voice Assistant can decipher which particular CRM fields will need updating too!

Of course, setting follow-up tasks can be easily done, to avoid that sales opportunity slipping out the pipeline momentum.

2. Einstein Voice Bots:

a voice-activated assistant that Salesforce customers can build, brand and make available for their own customers to use. Being able to open up voice to customers clearly deepens the connection they can build with your brand.
Built on-platform with clicks not code, once ready, the voice-powered bots can be deployed with leading voice assistant technologies, with the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant are on the list.
The use cases for integrating voice into Service Cloud are enough to get anyone excited. Think about what the voice bot can tap into, just from what’s stored in a typical Salesforce org – past orders, case updates, knowledge articles.

Here is an image of how a voice bot could work for internal user use cases too:


Einstein Voice comes at a crucial time if Salesforce want to stay in forerunner position. Experts have placed their bet on voice, predicting that all key CRM players in the market will shout about their own voice AI offerings by the year end.

With Salesforce bringing out Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots, they hope to innovate their customers’ CRMs ahead of the crowd.

As with all new Salesforce releases, there’s a time lag between the big-bang release and customers being able to use the product, so don’t expect voice-enabled CRM anytime soon.
Let’s hope that Salesforce aren’t blagging this one….

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