Win a Seat at the Table: Charity Lunch Auction With Marc Benioff to Start at $25K

By Thomas Morgan

Ever wanted to pick the brain of Salesforce’s CEO over a meal? The Glide Foundation, a San Francisco-based charity, is hosting its annual auction on eBay on May 5-10. And the prize? An exclusive lunch with Marc Benioff, with bids starting at $25K. 

The winner of the “Power of One Charity Lunch Auction” will enjoy a memorable lunch with Benioff and up to seven friends, as well as the chance to contribute to a charity that has supported the community of San Francisco for over 60 years.

What Are the Details?

GLIDE is a charity aimed at helping homeless people in San Francisco – they have raised over $53M over the last 20 years of auctions, all from investors looking to win a lunch with Warren Buffett, the longtime CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett announced his final involvement two years ago, and the baton has now been handed to Benioff, who has shared his excitement in contributing to a cause so close to his heart.

Buffett attracted a record $19M for his final auction, and GLIDE hopes to follow suit with Marc Benioff as the next big selling point. The funds will go directly towards GLIDE’s $31M budget which provides health care, meals, job training, rehabilitation, and housing for those struggling with poverty and homelessness.

Benioff, who continues to urge other CEOs to start giving back to their communities, has on many occasions shared his concerns about his hometown’s persisting issues with homelessness and inequality. So this is the perfect opportunity for the Salesforce CEO to support a great cause that is both local and in need of vital funds.

Since this announcement, Buffett has shared his excitement that his long-standing role is being taken on by Benioff:

“The baton is in the right hands with Marc Benioff. He’s going to do a wonderful job improving on what I did over the years. With Marc’s enthusiasm and commitment, along with GLIDE’s leadership and volunteers, GLIDE will be able to continue providing its vital services for San Francisco.”


A known advocate for change in San Francisco and a recognized donor in other areas of the world, surely there is no one better suited to this role than Marc Benioff.

Keep an eye out to see if Benioff can beat Buffett’s record of $19M in his first year!

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