IdeaExchange Most Wanted: 5 top requested Salesforce features 2018

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The Salesforce IdeaExchange is my favourite section of the Trailblazer Community. It’s a forum-style area where Salesforce users can exchange ideas for features they think should be included on the Salesforce platform. Running for longer than a decade (11 years to be exact), it has successfully collected feedback from the people on the ground, bringing to life some of our most-loved features. Some of the top scoring ideas of all-time include:

3 column Dashboards.
  Score: 84,610, delivered in Lightning.
 Duplicate record alerts.
  Score: 67,260, delivered Spring ‘15
 Link a single contact to multiple accounts.
  Score: 64,560, delivered in Summer ‘16

According to Salesforce: “to date 60% of the Top 20 Ideas (by point value) have already been delivered and 85+% are on our long term roadmap at this time.”

Each idea must be processed through a number of stages, to ultimately make it to product development. A fair voting system exists to determine which are the ‘most wanted’ ideas, and every Trailblazer Community member can vote once on each idea.

The Most Wanted ideas from 2017 still hold the top 5 spots, so I delved further into the list to find 5 (still extremely highly requested) ideas,

based on the number of votes they had accumulated (and skipping any ideas that have been delivered). I’ve written a blurb for each, and linked the idea listing – so, read and get voting!

1. Ability to Set Accounts & Contacts as Inactive

Status: Under Consideration
Vote count: 39,720

To kick-off, we have an idea for Account / Contact Data Management – being able to set their status to inactive and hide these records from lookup filters and search results. This is necessary for businesses that go bust, churned customers you need to avoid, or sadly when you’re notified that someone is deceased. It’s never best practice to delete CRM data, to retain historical reporting and other reasons.

Progress has been slow on this one, but the silver lining is that there are workarounds such as adding a custom status picklist field, to migrating inactive data to a separate custom object using code (you will find details of these within the comments thread).

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2. Record workflow email alerts in Activity History

Status: Under Consideration
Vote count: 39,480

Sending an email alert to a contact or lead is a popular action when working with Salesforce workflows. However, emails sent through this method are not logged on the activity history of that specific contact or lead, resulting in an incomplete picture of the communication thread. Now the heat is on with the added element of compliance – a good point raised within the comments thread.

Recently, Salesforce released the Engagement History Lightning component, that finally incorporates Pardot marketing activities into the contact/lead’s activity history. I have hope that one day this will be the same for workflow emails too.

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3. Roll-ups for any related object

Status: Under Consideration
Vote count: 39,040

Currently, you are only able to ‘roll-up’ fields from child records to parent records if they are bound together in the tightest of all the Salesforce data relationships: the Master-Detail. A good example is having a totals field on the parent that adds together a number field from all the child records.

Many people (3,944 to be exact) believe that this should be extended to any relationship, on any object.

Currently, this is possible by installing AppExchange tools or building your own custom roll-up calculator…but these alternatives involve time, money and energy.

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4. Allow Tasks to be assigned to a queue

Status: Product Team Review
Vote count: 37,670

Queues in Salesforce can be set up for Leads and Cases. When new inbound leads enter Salesforce, or new service cases are created, they can be held in a queue for a user to pick up when they have capacity – basically, you are assigning something to a group rather than one specific record owner.

Having task queues would mean that tasks can be picked up and delegated in the same way that leads and cases can be. Tasks are used in a diverse number of use cases across business functions, so this would be a great win for business process efficiency, as one Trailblazer member said:

“Salesforce talks about collaboration between service and sales teams to fully service the customer. The inability for teams to collectively manage tasks related to servicing their accounts smacks exactly opposite of that concept”

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5. Choose the default list view in Lightning Experience

Status: Product Team Review
Vote count: 30,430

When clicking on a tab in Salesforce, a user is met with a List View, which list the records for that object. List Views are a simple, but effective feature, because they are easy to build and easy for users to adopt.

However, the default List View is ‘Recently Viewed’ in Lightning Experience, which is not always the most useful to users, and can confuse new users when they come across a blank screen.

Lightning is all about tailoring your org to your requirements, so we can assume this won’t be too far away.

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There you go: 5 of the most highly requested ideas on the Salesforce IdeaExchange, ordered based on the vote count. Hopefully you will feel inspired to visit the IdeaExchange, have a browse and place your votes towards what matters to you.

Remember, you can sort and filter ideas in a number of different ways, and ‘Trending’ order is a good way to see what’s hot, and weed out the slow burners. Plus, have a look into product-specific areas too.

Keep your eyes peeled for more IdeaExchange Round-ups, curated by SalesforceBen & DRIP teams!

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    I think ability to Set Accounts & Contacts as Inactive and Roll-ups for any related object will be great feature. Hope it’s getting embedded soon. Up-Voted for these two.

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