Enhanced Personal Information Management: What You Need to Do

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In Salesforce’s Winter ‘23 release, Enhanced Personal Information Management has been enabled as a release update. With this update, Salesforce blocks external users’ view and edit access to user record fields that are considered personal identifiable information (PII). With this feature, you can choose which fields are considered PII. Then only users with the View Concealed Field Data permission can continue to see PII fields.

In this guide, we’ll review how this update affects you and what you need to do. 

What Should I Do?

Review the release update

To review the release update, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Setup menu, and in the Quick Find box enter “release updates”, and then select Release Updates.
  2. Find the Enable Stronger Protection for Your Users’ Personal Information item and click Get Started.
  3. Follow the testing and activation steps.

Enable Enhanced Personal Information Management

Next, you need to enable Enhanced Personal Information Management. To do so:

  1. Go to the Setup menu, and in the Quick Find box enter “User Management Settings”, and then select User Management Settings.
  2. If Hide Personal Information is enabled, deselect it.
  3. Enable Enhanced Personal Information Management.

Customize which fields are considered PII

To customize which fields are considered PII, you need to do the following:

  1. On the User Management Settings page, click the field set link under the Enhanced Personal Information Management setting.
  2. On the next page, add or remove fields from the In the Field Set section.
  3. Click Save when you’ve finished adding/removing fields.

Note: If you enabled Enhanced Personal Information Management before Spring ’22, continue to use Compliance Categorization to control which fields are considered PII.

Test the Changes

The final step involves testing your changes. In a sandbox environment, access your Org as each of your external user types – for example, as a portal user and a guest user. Verify that the expected fields are hidden, and then test the functionality accessed by those users.


Salesforce has once again thought carefully about personal information and new ways to protect it. With Enhanced Personal Information Management, users and consumers alike can rest assured that their personal data lives in a secure framework and only in the hands of people that they trust.


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