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[eBook] Migrating to Salesforce Flow

By Lauren Metcalf

With the imminent retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builder, many admins may have spiraled into a panic, wondering how they are going to migrate their entire system to Salesforce Flow! 

For many organizations, this will be a daunting task; for years, processes have been running on one system, and now everything has to be replicated using a different one. Flow may be a great tool, but the migration is bound to be a huge project.

Our brand-new eBook, in partnership with Panaya, will cover:

  • Why Flow is the declarative automation tool of the future.
  • Exactly how to migrate to Flow. 
  • Top tips to help streamline your migration.
  • And more!

The Author

Lauren Metcalf

Lauren is Content & Services Delivery Lead at Salesforce Ben.

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