Copado Launches the “DevOps Exchange” – The First DevOps Marketplace

By David Brooks

Before joining Copado, I worked at Salesforce for nine years where I helped to create the platform. I was the original product owner that launched AppExchange back in September 2005.

Today my thoughts go back to the time when we first went live with AppExchange. On that day I had no clue we were writing the history of the enterprise SaaS market by launching the leading enterprise cloud marketplace which – today – has more than 5,000 ready-to-install apps, solutions, and consultants.

Evolution Through Apps

The whole concept of Salesforce apps was to provide a 90% solution out of the box and enable people to customize their instance to address their specific needs. This gave customers a product that worked from day one, and also created a marketplace with solutions to enhance and extend Salesforce to meet their every need.

Today we launched Copado DevOps Exchange, the first DevOps marketplace for enterprise SaaS solutions. The Copado DevOps Exchange marks an important milestone for Copado:

We are now able to help our customers achieve even more success by providing solutions to enhance and extend our first-of-a-kind DevOps platform for enterprise SaaS applications.

By launching Copado DevOps Exchange, we are creating the same kind of ecosystem and open source capabilities. Today I am a little more aware that we are creating a game changer for the enterprise DevOps community. DevOps Exchange aims to become the one-stop shop for customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey through DevOps.

The Copado DevOps Exchange

The journey to launching our Copado DevOps Exchange hasn’t been overnight. Over the last two years, we have invested our resources in building the next-generation Copado platform, which has features like Actions, Functions, and Job Templates.

These capabilities enable customers and partners to build custom extensions and automations on our platform. We have now opened it up so that anyone can build on Copado and share their solutions with the community. With the numerous integrations, data templates, and add-ons already listed and the solutions planned, the Copado DevOps Exchange will be able to offer long-tail solutions for the specific needs, industries, and markets of our diverse customer base.

Today the Copado DevOps Exchange includes solutions developed by community members and Copado partners, as well as Copado Labs, which is a skunkworks team of highly skilled developers and architects, led by our founder, Federico Larsen. The Copado Labs team is constantly expanding Copado’s platform by publishing high-value solutions like the Copado Monitoring Center on Copado DevOps Exchange.

Back in 2006, I was surprised by the number of companies that were subsequently born on the Salesforce marketplace. Some companies originated from a small team of Salesforce Developers who wrote and published a solution – no sales and marketing team, just an app listed on AppExchange. In fact, this is exactly how Copado was born nine years ago.

Fast forward to today, Copado is redefining software delivery to be quality-driven, so teams can innovate at speed. Copado’s DevOps platform is the first CI/CD pipeline to fully integrate AI-driven robotic testing into every branch of code users deploy. Our ecosystem has really exploded. Over 1,200 customers and 60,000 community members are leveraging Copado to run the world’s largest digital transformations.

Final Thoughts

I am particularly proud to be part of a new era that starts with the launch of Copado DevOps Exchange. Just as AppExchange became the leading marketplace for Salesforce apps, with the solutions found in Copado DevOps Exchange, development teams can deliver continuous innovation with speed and quality even for the most complex enterprise IT environments, even where their end-to-end business process spans multiple clouds.

The Copado DevOps Exchange can unlock an organization’s potential to automate anything in the software delivery lifecycle. The possibilities are endless, and the evidence is right there in the Copado DevOps Exchange.

The Author

David Brooks

David works as SVP of Products at Copado Solutions.

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