Consultancy Acquisition Spree: Polsource & Cloudshift Acquired

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There is hardly a month that goes by without some M&A activity in the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce themselves always lead the charge with their billion dollar acquisitions, but there is often a great deal of relatively smaller acquisitions in the space.

A trend that has been ongoing since the early 2010’s is larger IT consultancies snapping up independent boutique Salesforce consultancies. Acquiring their specialist knowledge in an ecosystem that is rapidly expanding.

These larger consultancies, which often have 1000’s of employees, acquire smaller Salesforce practices to bolster their own. Allowing them to compete on enterprise-level deals, armed with fresh talent, Salesforce expertise, and specialized industry knowledge.

Here are a few of the Salesforce consultancy acquisitions we have seen in the past year…

  • Cognizant acquires French operations of Salesforce partner El-Technologies
  • Wipro acquired Belgian Salesforce Partner 4C for €68 million
  • IT Consultancy PK acquires Salesforce specialist Nuvem Consulting
  • Infosys acquired Salesforce Consultancy Simplus
  • Salesforce acquired Acumen Solutions

Salesforce talent is big business, and this is just shown by the amount of M&A activity in this space.

Polsource & Cloudshift Acquired

Within the past 24 hours, two fresh acquisitions have been announced by global consultancy firms.

  • EPAM Announces Agreement to Acquire PolSource
  • Globant Acquires CloudShift and broadens its digital and cognitive transformation expertise

Both acquisitions follow a similar trend as the previous ones listed, both PolSource & Cloudshift have deep expertise working in the enterprise with specific industries, and focussing on digital transformation.

It’s clear from these acquisitions that the demand for Salesforce talent is there, and companies are betting big bucks on the future of the ecosystem. To read more Salesforce acquisitions, check out our detailed report of the Acumen Solutions buy out.

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