Community Cloud Consultant Certification Guide & Tips

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sfu_crt_bdg_comm_cld_cnsltnt_rgbI wasn’t actually aware that this certification existed until I saw it advertised at Dreamforce and as it is the newest certification I set this to be my goal before I left San Francisco. I have worked with communities and portals before that but all have been fairly standard implementations so there was quite a gap that needed to be bridged. We have also seen an increased interest from our customers around community cloud. At Dreamforce all of the certifications were half price and since this is such a new exam I was unable to find mock exams so I decided to book it, and at worst case use it as a practice. At Dreamforce they also trailed topic based feedback on results so you get a break down on each section within the exam so its simple to see the areas that you need to be improved on.

In this post I will go into depth around the material I used to revise, techniques, resources available on the internet and also question format tips.



I am personally not one for printing off study material, I am a little too messy which leads to pieces of paper getting lost, I tend to create a new directory on my computer and put all the docs in there. I appreciated that this is always mentioned but the Salesforce Study guide is the best place to start, it gives a great overview of all the topics where you should spend your attention. Normally there is a list of videos to watch (if you’re lucky enough to have premier support) but as this certification is so new this is not online yet as of 10-10-16) but I was informed it will be shortly.

I initially looked at YouTube to get a quick overview.  I watched this video.

Trailhead – When I want to start learning a new topic I always turn to Trailhead, a great resource for hands on training. The badges that I completed were.

Communities Basics

Community Rollout Strategy

Chatter Basics

Live Agent Basics

Inkling – I find the Inkling books to be of top quality, for those who are not familiar with them they are basically an elaborate content page and link to the relevant articles within the vast help and training but also have exercises to complete. I have purchased these before these and found them useful but now they are free it becomes a no brainer.  The community cloud book is located here

Moderation – Within the study guide it mentioned moderation and key words, I had actually never worked with this but this article simplified these for me

Topics – I had a number of questions relating to topics this article covers most of the areas I needed.

Templates – Within the study guide a lot of attention was given to templates, a great overview was given here I also read through the full templates document, please take care here as this link is for Winter 17 which is not GA as of time of writing.

Branding – although this is mentioned in templates branding the community is a key area so this is definitely worth knowing

New Dev Org – The final step I take is to setup a new dev org and implement what I have learnt. I created an Org from Trailhead and set up 3 new communities, 1 using the Koa template, 1 with the Customer Service (Napili) Template and 1 with the Kokua template. I find this interesting and the easiest way to understand which template offers which functionality.

Question Format

As with all Salesforce Exams, they will really try and slip you up to make sure you really know your stuff.  The Community Cloud is no exception and the cliche of “read each question carefully” could not be more relevant here.  The vast majority of the questions that I had were of the format select 2 answers of the following list. There was always one that you could disregard but the others took a little more deliberation.

Company X has created a community and wishes to change the branding to match their website. Which 3 actions could they take.

a.) Use custom CSS

b.) Link to an external website and the CSS will be automatically generated

c.) Import the company logo and a custom color palette will be generated

d.) Use HEX values within the color swatch

My initial thoughts were that b or c was incorrect. C sounded too farfetched by my logic but then I remembered I had read about this so a, c and d were correct.

Final Thoughts

I was unsure after only 3 days revision if I had revised enough but I was fortunate that as I was at Dreamforce I could easily ask the Salesforce university team or for some questions I actually walked down to the Community Cloud team and asked them and they were more than happy to demo features to me.

90 thoughts on “Community Cloud Consultant Certification Guide & Tips

  1. Avatar

    I took the beta of this humdinger and passed! I have my notes if you like I can share them. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Steven,

      Very glad to read this blog post as I am considering studying for the Community Cloud Exam. Could you please share your notes with me: [email protected]. I appreciate your help and this blog post from Ben! -Thanks Harsh

    2. Avatar

      Hi Steven,
      I hope you are well. I’m planning to take this exam and any help or advise will be great!
      Also, I hope you don’t mind sharing with me your notes. My email is [email protected]
      Many thanks,

    3. Avatar

      Hello Steve,
      seems you’ve taken the text roughly a year and a few months ago. I am unsure how much difference there has been within SF then and now. I would love to have your notes to compare with what I have. I will be taking my certification within two weeks and all the material I am able to gather is greatly appreciated.
      If you may email me at [email protected]

      Thank you in advance!

    4. Avatar

      Hey Steven – I’m just seeing your post in October 2020. If you see this, could you please share your notes with me? I am preparing for the Community Cloud Consultant Certification in the coming months. Thanks! [email protected]

  2. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    Your Salesforce Study guide link leads not to the guide itself, but to the website.
    YouTube video – seriously? Do you really think that video will help to pass the exam?))
    Trailhead badges – they are good just to get the idea what is community and how it works.
    I didn’t even open all other links.
    I like your blog, I really do, it helped me a lot in my Salesforce journey. But this blog post was posted just to get the audience and traffic, I guess.
    Best wishes,

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Marina,

      Sorry you feel this way but this is actually written by someone who has successfully completed the exam and is just trying to impart knowledge onto others. As in every single blog post on this site, it is essentially opinion and therefore isn’t going to work for everyone. Do you have any other suggestions with how others can learn communities?



    2. Avatar

      Hi Marina.
      I wrote this article as Ben asked for someone to write an article on the new certification. I had recently taken and passed the cert and this were the steps I followed.
      It might not work for everyone but worked for me. These were literally the steps I took.
      What is wrong with watching a YouTube video to see how communities can be used?

      I am a massive fan of Trailhead and this way of learning works for me but again each to their own.
      What do you feel was missing?

      1. Avatar

        Hi Richard….THANK YOU for sharing all of this guidance and knowledge! Beyond the YouTube video and the Trailhead badges (if you are a beginner, very useful), you provided excellent resources and are right on with what the content of the test entails. I just took the exam yesterday and everything you provided is definitely included. I would like to add that Sharing Sets, Community Visibility, Roles, and Hierarchy are also topics to include as well as sales based scenarios. I think the exam has gotten even more difficult as the questions are all scenario based (with 3 -5 scenarios in each question) AND they require 3 answers on the majority of the questions. It also seemed that the verbiage was cryptic. I am used to seeing Salesforce lingo and the words used meant the same thing as the Salesforce lingo, but it was confusing. I was also not allowed pen and paper during the exam. The 90 minutes FLEW by…

  3. Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I suppose that reading Getting Started With Communities pdf and Using Templates to Build Communities pdf can help. However, the best way to learn communities is to work with them a lot. Experience is a key to getting that certification. This is my opinion.
    Thanks again for you blog,

  4. Avatar

    Hi there – I passed today, and just wanted to say THANK YOU for the resources here. Your article was instrumental to my grade.

    Tips for everyone: Follow his article to the letter, and follow along everything in your dev org. The exam was tough but fair. The practice exam on this site is a good measuring stick to see if you are on the right path – definitely know the WHY of the anwers. If you try to memorize and not understand the mechanics behind things, you will fail.

    Thanks again guys.

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