6 New Marketing Cloud Features Will Expand Interaction Studio, Salesforce CDP, and Datorama

By Lucy Mazalon

Marketing Cloud plan to expand three of their most recent, revered products: Interaction Studio, Salesforce CDP, and Datorama. New technologies include AI-enabled features, connectors, and templates – with the overall aim to “build deeper digital relationships with customers”, putting an emphasis on AI and trusted first-party data (your own database).

When was the last time you listed out all of Marketing Cloud’s modules and feature sets? The Marketing Cloud platform has ballooned in the past few years, as Salesforce made multiple acquisitions to bolster its offering into the ultimate marketing platform. Now it’s time to build onto the technologies that have been assembled.

Einstein Engagement Scoring in Salesforce CDP

Another AI-enabled feature from Marketing Cloud’s ‘Einstein’ technology layer (that bakes AI into the platform).

Einstein Engagement Scoring will use cross-cloud data and AI combined to target their most engaged subscribers within Salesforce CDP.

Example: marketers can use Einstein Engagement Scores in Salesforce CDP to suppress/ignore users unlikely to engage with emails or mobile, and instead utilize other channels like advertising or social media to engage with them.

  • Available today

Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio provides a whole new level of personalization for your web experiences. By listening to the actions your customers are performing on your website, Interaction Studio modifies messaging to tailor the experience to the kind of products and services they are interested in. Here’s what’s new with Interaction Studio:

Interaction Studio Templates

Templates now extend and simplify personalization to customers via ATMs, point-of-sale, and call centers to ensure every moment in the 1:1 relationship is personalized and connected.

  • Available today

Interaction Studio + Experience Cloud Integration

The new Experience Cloud (formerly Salesforce Communities) integration provides personalized web, mobile, and portal experiences, based on a customer’s real-time engagement.

  • Available today

Interaction Studio + CRM Integration

The new CRM integration (Sales Cloud and Service Cloud), provides Sales/Service teams with real-time visibility into customer behavior, segmentation, and next-best actions and offers to provide an exceptional experience.

  • Available early 2022

Einstein Designer

AI takes the guesswork out of creating the most engaging and relevant content through content generation and optimization. This could alleviate traditional content production bottlenecks, more effective and efficient as they personalize 1-to-1 moments at scale for their customers.

  • Available early 2022


Datorama Connector for Salesforce CDP and Interaction Studio

Datorama connectors and apps will help marketers understand the business impact of their first-party, data-driven marketing and advertising.

  • Connectors from Datorama to Salesforce CDP and Interaction Studio
  • Out-of-the-box analytics apps for Salesforce CDP and Interaction Studio
  • With Einstein Marketing Insights (AI) added, optimize return on investment (ROI) and customer lifetime value (LTV).


  • Available today

Above: Personalization Insights for Interaction Studio, Datorama app.

Above: Customer Insights for Salesforce CDP, Datorama app

Brands that have accelerated success during the pandemic are data-focused, embrace AI, prioritize privacy, and find agile ways to collaborate across their entire organization. By combining Marketing Cloud’s new AI innovations with Slack, companies can quickly deliver highly personalized and relevant messages, build trusted customer relationships and drive growth.

– Michael Kostow, EVP & GM, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

To see these innovations in action, watch the Dreamforce ‘21 Marketing Cloud keynote on September 21 at 1:00 p.m. PT.

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