5 Game Changing AppExchange Apps

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Game Changer

Salesforce is fantastic, but it doesn’t do everything. In fact, for your average user, it’s only a place to log and reference information. It’s primarily a tool for managers. Salesforce knows this. That’s why the AppExchange exists, so other companies have the chance to power up your Salesforce org, and expand its usefulness, so everyone in your org benefits from it.


However, the huge number of apps on the platform (and growing everyday!) can make it difficult to know what you truly need. We wanted to share the ones that stand a cut-above the rest, but aren’t quite as famous as say Conga or DocuSign.

With these apps you’ll be able to optimize your sales performance, integrate Salesforce with your inbox, send automated text campaigns, map your Salesforce data, and improve your project management.

You’ll be gaining customers faster and retaining them longer. Not to mention everyone at your org will think Salesforce is more useful than they initially thought.



Salesforce is great for keeping track of your customers, but LevelEleven is how you track and motivate your sales team. LevelEleven helps you realize what events are best for your business and helps your sales team pursue the most beneficial goals.

The trick is using and tracking analytics to keep everyone motivated and moving forward. You work better when someone’s keeping score.

Sales reps gain personalized analytics, historical trends, and peer comparisons to motivate your team with a healthy amount of competition. Salesforce gives you ton of data, but LevelEleven is how you use that data to drive your business forward.

Cirrus Insight


The value of your Salesforce org depends on data going into it. You need your salespeople to constantly be feeding Salesforce for it to grow. But sometimes they’re not the best at adopting the new software. Or maybe they simply wish it didn’t slow them down from selling as much with data entry.

That’s where Cirrus Insight comes in. It places Salesforce in the inbox (the place where your reps already live), so your team can add and edit information without disrupting their workflow with needing to use a whole second system.

You’ll be able to sync your email and calendar with Salesforce while also enjoying a host of productivity features such as being able to book meetings with a single email and tracking your sent emails and links. Your team won’t realize how much they needed Cirrus until they trial it.

SMS Magic


Does your business text? It’s one of the easiest ways to communicate with your clientele. Also one of the best ways to get responses, or make sure you make in front of their eyes (so many unopened emails).

How about texting through Salesforce? SMS Magic lets you automate SMS and send text campaigns with workflows and schedules all through Salesforce and using Salesforce Workflow rules. Your marketing team can schedule bulk messages to go out exactly when they want, or set up a message campaign to more than 50,000 records.

Anyone who replies will automatically be logged in your org, so the conversation goes both ways. If your business does or could benefit from the ability to text, this is the app you need to do it.



Salesforce provides all the data you need on the locations of your clients. But it doesn’t map it, analyze it, or help you optimize your traveling. It tells you the who, but not the where.

That’s where Geopointe comes in. You’ll be able to map everything, so you can better manage your territory, understand demographics, and plan your deliveries or travel.

A quick search and you’ll see everyone you service within a hundred miles of San Francisco. A couple clicks will give you the best route for all meetings in Chicago that day. Another few clicks and you’ll see how your customer demographics compare with US Census data, so you can see where your excelling and where focusing your efforts might be most productive.


You made the sale. What comes next? You need to get your customer up to speed. Retention is huge issue for companies. You can sell all you want, but if people keep churning or are unable with their services, you won’t last long.

TaskRay makes sure your customers are always managed correctly. Your post-sales process is simplified and automated, so each project is dependably successful. TaskRay lets you easily see, collaborate on, and assign projects and tasks. It also integrates with Chatter to help keep everyone in the loop.

Reliable work processes are the key to keeping your Salesforce customers happy, and TaskRay is the easiest way to make sure you’re always on top of your work.

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