10 Most Popular Salesforce Admin Blogs

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After the success of our Top Developer Blogs post, it’s time to shed some light on the top Admin blogs!

Two winning characteristics of any blog are quality and consistency, and that is the criteria for all the sites in this list. We have also ensured that all blogs in this list have a user-friendly website.


Most Popular Salesforce Admin Blogs

#1 Automation Champion

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

Automation Champion, as the name suggests, is the king when it comes to Admin Automation. Rakesh Gupta is a long-time Salesforce MVP and Salesforce Evangelist, he has been helping people through his blog in the form of training courses, books and a lot of tutorial-based content. If you want to learn about Process Builder, Flow, or get to grips with the Salesforce releases, then this blog is for you.

#2 Simply SFDC

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

Johan Yu has been running Simply SFDC since 2012, and has built up a very popular blog which focuses on a wide range of topics. As a Salesforce MVP and Architect, Johan has a lot of great information to share on a variety of Salesforce products and features.

#3 Admin Hero

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

The original Salesforce Admin blog! Admin Hero run by Salesforce MVP Brent Downey, has been exclusively focussing on Admin topics for many years. Brent has made the switch to Consultant a number of years ago, so the content is fantastic for Admins & Consultants alike.

#4 Jennifer Lee

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

Jen Lee is a Salesforce MVP and has been running her consistently high-quality blog for the past 4 years. Jen is a well certified senior Administrator that has worked for a number of Enterprise organisations. You will find a lot of advanced Flow use cases, as well as release highlights.

#5 Salesforce Side Kick

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

With yet another MVP on this list, David Littons blog focussed on a lot of Advanced Admin topics such as Flow. David is a Solutions Architect and definitely knows his stuff when it comes to automation and best practices.

#6 Focus on Force

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

Focus on Force run by Martin Gessner, is best known for their certification mock exams and study guides. But in addition, has a high-quality blog that covers a variety of topics. The site posts on Admin topics, general news, as well as a lot of interviews with Salesforce professionals talking about their careers.

#7 Force Talks

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

Force Talks is a Salesforce community site that brings together user-submitted blogs, a Q&A section, as well as a forum to discuss Salesforce topics. With a wide variety of users, you can find a lot of information on Admin & Developer topics, as well as general Salesforce news.

#8 Ashish Agarwal

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

Ashish is a rockstar Salesforce processional that holds a whopping 25 certifications. His blog has regular high-quality content, that focuses on a variety of topics with a big focus on tutorials.

#9 Always a Blezard

Website – Twitter – LinkedIn

Gemma Emmett is a Salesforce MVP and also the founder of Ladies Be Architects. Her blog gives insight into the #JourneytoCTA, lots of certification guides and tips, and general Salesforce Ohana content. Gemma has a great sense of humour that I’m sure will give you a laugh.

#10 Salesforce Weekly

Website – Twitter

Salesforce Weekly is blog run by 3 MVP’s, Mike Gill, Chris Edwards, and a resident blogger at Salesforce Ben, Ines Garcia! This blog is a fantastic way to get an insight into the Salesforce Ohana, community events, as well as picking up some Admin tips and tricks along the way.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Was there a blog you were expecting to see but didn’t? Or do you have a favourite that isn’t on the list? Let me know in the comments below…

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