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Why Salesforce Users Love Customer Intelligence

By Patrick Bryden

Those of us working in sales, marketing, and business development know that success depends on more than just having great products or services – the most mutually rewarding customer engagements are founded on strong relationships.

Relationships exist all around us in both our personal and professional lives. In the business context, people continually strike up and deepen relationships, be it with colleagues, customers, or peers via professional networking groups and platforms.

You can’t assign a precise monetary value to relationships, but what if there was a way to get a bird’s-eye view of your organization’s relationship ecosystem and use it to win more profitable business faster? Well, there is…

Introhive is a customer intelligence platform that exponentially enriches the insights that Salesforce users find out about their ecosystem of colleagues and customers.

Insights You Can Act On

Ben McCarthy of Salesforce Ben recently sat down with Jody Gidden, Founder of Introhive, to discuss some of the ways this technology is giving Salesforce users more useful, impactful, and actionable customer insights than they thought possible.

Jody explained that Introhive works quietly behind the CRM scenes, continually ingesting data from diverse internal sources. It scans everything from calendars, emails, phone calls, and marketing campaign outreach to in-person meetings and events.

The outcome is a multi-dimensional relationship matrix that clarifies “who knows who” and where the strongest customer relationships exist. But that’s just the start – Introhive then automates the distribution of relevant, real-time customer insights to the people who will benefit most from it when they need it.

Easily identify the breakdown of relationships within each account to ensure executive alignment and increase the opportunities for multi-threading.

Connections You Can Capitalize On

Imagine you’re a business development specialist in a law firm and have been tasked with exploring opportunities to win new business with financial services organizations in the realm of ESG regulations and reporting.

With Customer Intelligence, in just a few clicks, you can pull up a comprehensive history of the business that’s been conducted in the past with such institutions and see which stakeholders from your organization (and theirs) were involved. You might discover that a recent project involved resolving an intellectual property dispute for a commercial bank and that Jess, a senior associate in your firm, worked closely with the bank’s senior counsel over several months on the case. You may also notice that Jess had several meetings and phone calls with the bank’s CFO over that period.

See who knows who and where the strongest relationships exist in every account.

What better place to start than by reaching out to Jess? No need to pick up the phone or start writing an email; you can automatically connect with her without switching screens.

That afternoon, Jess responds, inviting you to her office (or Zoom room) for a chat. During the discussion, she tells you that she’d be happy to facilitate a warm introduction to the bank’s CFO, who she knows to be tasked with compiling the bank’s annual ESG report.

Understanding Where to Invest Your Time

The system can also alert you to customers and prospects that simply aren’t worth your while pursuing. For example, Robert, the legal firm’s marketing manager, might get an alert that a prospect he’s been targeting heavily over the last three months hasn’t been responsive – they’ve not opened any direct mailers, responded to sales calls, or RSVP’d to a recent seminar invitation. Jake quickly realizes he’d do well to invest his time and energy elsewhere!

Similarly, by keeping an eye on interaction data, Cara, the firm’s customer success manager, can easily monitor the health of the firm’s key client relationships. Because Customer Intelligence tracks the frequency, quality, and intensity of client engagement and outreach, she can quickly understand which accounts are being run well and those that might be languishing or at risk.

With Introhive, it’s easy to keep tabs on where contacts are moving, including seeing their new companies and new titles.

Final Thoughts

Customer Intelligence also ensures you’re always the first to know about the latest developments within your customers’ organizations, such as senior-level appointments, departures, retirements, share prices, IPOs, or merger and acquisition activity. Everything you need to know is neatly packaged into a customizable weekly email delivered straight to your inbox. This makes preparing for customer meetings so much faster and easier.

Got questions about how you can put Customer Intelligence to work for you? Comment on this post! And if you want to see Customer Intelligence in action, check out Introhive’s website here.

The Author

Patrick Bryden

Patrick is currently the Senior Channel Marketing Manager with Introhive, where he works with global organizations to leverage Salesforce to help find, win, and grow revenue.


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