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What Is a Salesforce UX Designer?

By Julia Solis

Calling all design-minded Trailblazers! Salesforce has officially launched its second annual Design survey. Designers are invited to speak up and share their thoughts on how Salesforce communities use design mindsets, tools, and practices – you have until March 10, 2023 to take part. 

Believe it or not (see it or not), UX and strategy designers leave their footprint in every journey you experience through a company’s digital experience – from a charity site or a food delivery one. Designers work behind the scenes to make your visit effortless and successful. 

It was recently reported that UX designers will become one of the most sought-after professions in the next decade. Let’s find out why…

What Is a Salesforce UX Designer and What Do They Do?

The Salesforce UX Designer career path became official in 2021.

Individuals with this title focus their professional efforts on creating human-centered designs on the Salesforce platform. Simply put, designers listen to their customers’ needs and improve user interfaces to make Salesforce more intuitive and user friendly. 

There are two certifications to consider for those who want to head down on the designer track:

  • UX Designer: Optimizes flows, interactions, and visual interfaces for intuitive, human-centered experiences built on the Salesforce platform. 
  • Strategy Designer: Develops the strategy and organization alignment for successful Salesforce initiatives.

The designer role isn’t a solitary one either – this person will collaborate with other departments in your org. Their partnership with other admins, developers, and maybe even content creators will lead to a better UX.

The Importance of Good Design

The first things to ask when designing for users are: 

  • Who will your audience be? 
  • What does the site or service offer? 
  • How can visitors come in and easily find what they’re looking for? And more importantly, how can you get them to come back?

As a designer, one must account for each touch and pain point your user is going to encounter. Scratch that – one must anticipate it. Creating simple and intuitive experiences encourages visitors to not only become repeat customers, but to also leave happy with the information they have gained. 

How can this be achieved? While many companies believe they do not need to hire a designer (thinking they can hand the job off to an admin, developer, or architect), those who have enlisted one in their roster have shown a significant ROI, strengthened customer relationship, and demonstrated long-term brand loyalty.

“There are no shortcuts to great design. We advocate for Trailblazers doing impactful design from all roles and backgrounds recognizing that Developers, Admins, and Architects all design in their own unique ways and that design is a team sport while also equipping emerging professional Salesforce Designers with a career pathway to success.”

Adam Doti, Salesforce VP & Principal Architect Design

Becoming a Designer

Like most other roles under the Salesforce umbrella, certifications are a must. With a certification in your arsenal, you’re proving to potential employers (and the world!) your basic understanding of concepts like design thinking, researching with users, and UI best practices. Most importantly, you’re demonstrating your ability to match such concepts with the Salesforce platform. 

So, how can you get there?

  1. Trailhead
  2. Trailblazer Community Groups 
  3. Certifications
  4. Lay your foundation with experience

Take the Salesforce Design Survey

Salesforce’s annual survey invites all design-minded Trailblazers to share their thoughts regarding the emerging role. 

It only takes five minutes to help Salesforce uncover opportunities for future education, messaging, content, and community engagement. So, why not have your say and make an impact for future designers?

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