[WEBINAR] Mulesoft Composer – Integration With Clicks, Not Code

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Organisations that demonstrate speed and agility will ultimately succeed while their competitors will struggle to keep up. This is why the low-code revolution is so powerful. Allowing Salesforce Admins & Consultants to build and deploy completely custom user experiences, without the need for developers. 

Along with Flow and Lightning App Builder, Mulesoft Composer is one of the most impressive low-code products that was launched by Salesforce. Bringing integration to the masses.

Make Integrations Fast and Easy with MuleSoft Composer

Mulesoft Composer for Salesforce makes it easy for Admins & Consultants to connect external apps and data to Salesforce with clicks, not code.

Sign up for this on-demand webinar today to learn…

  • How to integrate back-office sales data from systems such as Netsuite
  • Streamlining sales operations and automation workflows
  • Scaling business processes to drive revenue growth

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