TikTok + Salesforce: Launch Ads With Commerce Cloud

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TikTok – the social platform for making and sharing videos – has taken the world by storm. It spread like wildfire, especially among Gen Z, but you’ll find TikTok-ers of all ages due to the platform’s engaging (addictive!) user experience.

In an ever-changing world, brands need to be responsive. That often means meeting consumers where they are, surfacing adverts that are relevant and are an authentic fit for the platform.

“TikTok is home to a new kind of commerce experience, where community, entertainment and commerce blend, creating unique opportunities to engage with consumers and drive impactful results.”

– Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok.

The ‘next gen’ of Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with the tagline “make every transaction more profitable”. When part of a connected experience, commerce becomes more lucrative for both consumers and organizations; consumer expectations are met throughout the journey, from discoverability all the way through to order and fulfillment. This is why connecting adverts (the discoverability stage) to the rest of the process is crucial.

TikTok + Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers can tap into TikTok to support brand discovery.

In practice, marketers can create adverts for TikTok and redirect TikTok-ers to your site. Then, additional actions can occur, such as sending an offer. These ad campaigns are easy to launch from Commerce Cloud, thanks to the closer integration: 

Availability: Pilot commences June ‘22.

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