How to Become a Salesforce Marketing Champion

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The Salesforce ecosystem is more than just a tech sub-industry, extending to a thriving community that encourages product evangelism by rewarding individual #Trailblazers for their expertise and innovation.

The ‘Marketing Champion’ program does just that: recognise the Trailblazers that advocate Salesforce marketing products (Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Datorama). After its first successful year, it’s time to look back at what the Marketing Champions program has achieved and how you could apply for the 2021 program.

What Makes a Marketing Champion?

Do you go above and beyond? Are you willing and comfortable to speak about your experience and expertise with a variety of audiences? Then this program sounds like a good fit for you!

Here are some qualities:

  • Works closely with either Pardot, Marketing Cloud, or Datorama (especially if you oversee marketing strategy or operations)
  • Loves discussing Salesforce marketing products, finds themselves selling Salesforce marketing products naturally! (even if it’s not in their job description)
  • Has spoken at Salesforce events or Trailblazer community groups
  • Has contributed written content to blogs or videos
  • Gets excited about new tricks, or new ways to accomplish a task.

Who are Salesforce Marketing Champions?

All Marketing Champions are listed on the Champions website*, which includes a bio, headshot, and how you can help the community with your specialisation.

*temporarily redirected while the 2021 applications are in progress. 

There were approximately 150 Marketing Champions in the 2020 cohort; the image below gives you a visual of how many people that includes!

What I’ve enjoyed about being a Marketing Champion

There are multiple things that Champions have gain from the programs this year – networking, knowledge sharing, career advice, speaking opportunities – and more.

For me personally, I valued being part of a network of experts who share the same passions as me. The Champions come with expertise in different marketing products, which has showcased highlights of what’s happening in the Marketing Cloud/Datorama spaces to all Champions.

Here’s what Jaime and Jennifer said:

What Responsibilities Do Marketing Champions Have?

As a Marketing Champion, you will be advocating Salesforce marketing products, typically for the benefit of Salesforce customers. In the 2020 program, examples of program activities we logged were:

  • An ‘Ask the Expert’/Consultation shift at a Salesforce event,
  • Presenting/speaking about Salesforce marketing products at a community-led event,
  • Running a hands-on workshop,
  • Publishing a marketing-focused blog post, etc.

We can assume that there will be an onboarding period where these details will be made clearer, as was the case in 2020.

Become a Marketing Champion

If everything sounds good so far, why not apply? Applications will remain open until Jan 31st 2021. As you will see, it won’t take you too long to give some details around the following:

  • Your involvement in the Trailblazer Community program,
  • What you will bring to the program,
  • How you’re currently using Marketing Cloud products, including details on business impact and success metrics,
  • Any pivotal moments in your leadership journey.

Quick Tips

  • Profile: this profile on the Trailhead platform is described as your Salesforce resume, so it makes sense to be the first place you should look at. Have you completed the main badges for your specialisations? Another ‘spring cleaning’ task you should do is merge your accounts; merging ensures that all of your badges/points are credited to a single login. Here’s a post explaining how.
  • Freshen up your LinkedIn: I love this post John Knight wrote some time back and is every bit still relevant now.

Apply now

Applications will remain open until Jan 31st 2021, I recommend that you start yours now to ensure you include all the details that make you a Champion.

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