Tableau Conference 2021 – Registration Open!

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Tableau Conference is Tableau’s main annual event which will take place digitally over multiple days (previously hosted in Las Vegas, during non-COVID times). If you want to learn more about Tableau – this free event is your perfect opportunity.

Tableau Conference 2021, taking place November 9–12, 2021, anticipates 150,000+ online attendees around the world (the number of registrations in 2020). The conference broadcast will cater to three time zones – Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific – and will also be captioned and translated for a global audience*.

The world’s largest data community will deliver 100+ episodes to hone your analytics skills, enhance your Tableau expertise, and learn how to tell powerful stories with your data.

Tableau Conference registration is now open!

  • Take advantage of limited-time Tableau training and certification offers
  • Connect and chat with speakers and attendees over Slack
  • Iron Viz: watch three finalists compete in the world’s largest data visualization contest (similar to a Salesforce DemoJam)
  • See a Tableau Doctor: one-to-one time with Tableau experts to troubleshoot technical challenges, etc.
  • Enjoy the musical guest during the big finale – to be annoounced!

Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau caused waves through the ecosystem in 2019, and since then, there’s been a curiosity radiating from the Salesforce community to find out Salesforce’s vision for Tabeau, and how we Trailblazers can take advantage.

Tableau Conference registration is now open! #Data21

*subtitles in Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and translation in American Sign Language (ASL).

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